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  1. Hey, did you ever get my PM? I sent it off a while ago and didn't know if you got it and wasn't interested, or if there was some sort of issue along the way :-) Lemme know either way, thanks!

  2. Pilotwings 64 Midnight Altitude Love this one.
  3. Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed the track. Best praise I can possibly receive. Thanks for downloading the album!
  4. Quite an amazing preview track. Gets me hyped to be part of this awesome project.
  5. I think you may have confused these two. But thanks for the "Listen now"
  6. Never thought I'd agree with Bleck, but I do. I think the Co-Op in this game is fucking flawless.
  7. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.
  8. Unfortuantely basically nothing in this thread is "Innovative." The only one that maybe comes close is ol' Merzbow up there. His stuff is pretty much parody, though. He's serious about it enough I suppose, so you could probably make some kind of argument in favor of his stuff being innovative. Everything else in this thread is retreads. Especially that "innovative rap producer" on page 2, who (oh my word) makes music that sounds like diva house from the 90s with beefier compression. Not saying that its bad, however. These are all excellent examples of fine music, but they tread no new sonic ground (except, perhaps, for Merzbow's straight up noise stuff, but even then he's just cutting out elements rather than innovating new ones).
  9. Thanks for your comment!

  10. Hi Wintermute i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed your remix on the Xenogears project.

  11. Negative, we both feel like it's best place is within the Xenogears project.
  12. If, in fact, you did play Binary Chain (I did not get a chance to tune in to the interview, unfortunately), I am thoroughly humbled. Thank you good sir.
  13. I'd love to do a rendition of Zed's theme (Wh-What!?)
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