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  1. I know it's been like a year since this was last posted but you have any specific style in mind?
  2. I asked Atlus in an email and didn't get a response, it's been over a month. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. For lower octaves, Shreedage Classic is pretty close and comes with a great amp plugin to boot. If you can throw down some money, Real Strat's probably better if only because higher octaves. Guitars are really hard to emulate with virtual instruments. For amps, Shreedage classic comes with Revalver HpSe(I don't know if IBZ or 2 come with it) and Guitar Rig/Player. If you want to write orchestral music and rock music, I would do orchestral commissions to earn some money and buy the libraries I just mentioned. But I'm not experienced in the field so take what I say with multiple grains of salt. Shreedage example: Real Strat example
  4. Does Atlus take down remixes of music from their games? If they do, do they have a certain policy or anything?
  5. I'm currently in High School and I have all the tools to compose music just for reference and is it different between freelance and working freelance?
  6. For A Great Ordeal specifically a remix that takes influences from the song it's based of, Far Beyond The Sun if possible. Thank you.
  7. Is downloading music files like spc files for game you already own or can't buy off store shelf's or can't buy soundtracks for illegal?
  8. Ok then what I'll probably do is just use the main flutes(cause if I recreated it it would be literly the same) and recreate everything else would that work(the song is endless battle from fire emblem 12)?
  9. So if I were to say change up the drums completely, change the instrumentation, and get permission from the composer I could submit it?
  10. If I were to directly remaster a song(Just rip the midi from the rom and improve the instrumentation) would that count as a remix or is it still not my own arrangement?
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