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  1. Great remix! It has the vibe of downtempo psychedelic music such as Shpongle and the like. Which I didn't expect, and it is really well done!
  2. Ha can't beat a bit of psy-trance, I definitely see the Infected Mushroom influence but you've made it your own It's just occured to me, I wonder why much games (or any?) have never used psy-trance before, especially shooters as it's so upbeat and driving. Would suit arcade shmups so well.
  3. I'm not familar with the source material unfortunately, I've not played any of the dragon quest games (shame on me!), it's a series I've always wanted to get around to playing. But I love this music! It's very well done and suits the style of game so well and also reminds me of the era it was made somehow.
  4. This is really beautiful, stunning work. I'm downloading it and will definitely be listening to it again many times. Great work
  5. A boss? Nah couldn't be... It's been a while since I played this, not sure which key you mean, the one in the gutter?
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I will get thinking of an original title then. I just wondered because it seems the more done thing traditionally in the music world (like on singles etc), since it is a remix of the title that the original artist named, and it makes it instantly recognisable as such. But I guess you can make it both original and obvious at the same time! As for the music itself, I like repetitive/minimal music and have a bad habit of getting stuck in that mode when making it but in this instance I feel the original is too in a sense and I wanted to keep that hypnotic/trance driving feel that the game has, but maybe you mean its sparse in a different sense? I haven't played it on other devices yet (Silly of me!) I will do that tomorrow and see what can be done about it, especially the 2:10 mark in particular.
  7. It shouldn't do no. It only renders whatever is played, so no interference or added size should transfer to the rendered file. I am no expert when it comes too all the algorithms and equations that goes on underneath it all tho, it hurts my head! So I might be corrected, but I wouldn't of thought it would make any difference. It would only really effect things within the project itself, it will add to the CPU use etc, but you can always freeze them to free that up in most DAWs.
  8. I really want to get a WiiU but my money has other priorities
  9. Hi, this is 1 of 2 remixes from Rez that I have made recently, this one is originally done by Ken Ishii. I have not mastered it yet so you might have to turn it up a bit compared to commercial tracks, but I think it is finished otherwise, unless anyone has any criticisms/suggestions of anything to change? https://soundcloud.com/stateofcreation/creation-the-state-of-art - My Remix I am new here and a bit unsure of how to name it if anyone could help with that? It says to choose an original name, so would 'Creation the State of Art (SoC Remix)' or similar not be correct either? 'Creation the State of Art' being the original title. If not then some suggestions for a title would be appreciated too Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and any feedback is appreciated!
  10. Silent Hill is a great game, don't quit now!
  11. Hi everyone! I create my own music and hope to work on soundtracks in the future, and I love video games. I have decided recently to follow that passion much more, hence being here! A lot of video game music/artists have had a huge influence on me, so I appreciate the art, and having a go at remixing some of my favourite games music and listening to what others have done will be a lot of fun.
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