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  1. Hey man. Your "real name" field is for your real name, not for anything you want to put in there. If you're not going to put your real name there, please leave it blank.

  2. Heya folks, n00b here. Hoping to get involved in the community here. Been following OCR for the better part of a year (somehow my closest friends kept this place a secret to me :/ ) and felt it time to say hi and keep up! I'm staying my hand at some remix work myself and love a lot of the work here! And some of you folks REALLY love Mother 2 music, which makes my heart kerthump!
  3. I've only just discovered this news. I'm more than saddened
  4. I completely get falling off the face of the planet and withdrawing, but taking the work with you? Does he hate being defined by that which he put so much work into?
  5. Are you on Steam, perchance? I'm down with adding folks since I'm on relatively frequently. =)
  6. Is there a time attack mode for this, perchance? By that I mean are you given limited time on some stages to do it right? I think this game seems a little easy for folks already steeped in theory, or just with well trained ears. Then again, maybe I'm misjudging it!
  7. Well that was fast! Were they not getting enough subbies, or did they get more than enough? I could see it going either way, especially the latter. Bethesda is based like that