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  1. This has to be the most interesting I've heard in quite a while, especially from mklachu and krissalad! I've already loved their earlier work such as their cover of Hyrule Temple and Corneria, but this takes the cake. I love the bass, the violin, everything. Although I don't like Kingdom Hearts much, this is something worth listening to for a while.
  2. Love this remix. I loved it when i first heard it on YouTube years ago and I still love it now. Really good uses of the pieces from Demon's Souls, and I feel that it does an amazing job of expanding on the emotions that the original tracks create.
  3. Wow. This mix is quite something. I love the strings, love the piano, and the entire mix moved fluidly, adding each theme well.
  4. The in-game sounds that the mix uses (such as the sound of Link grabbing hearts) really helped with making a bubbly, cheerful mood. This is an amazing remix, just like all of your other ones!
  5. At first when I read the description, I was already put off a little bit because I'm not the biggest fan of the banjo and its type of music, but this was a pleasant little surprise.
  6. I wasn't the biggest fan of the vocals at first, but the more I listened, the more I got used to it. I love this BGM from SotN, one of my favorite Castlevania games, the remix keeps the source recognizable while it also sounds original.
  7. Gotta say, the round 2 doubles were something else entirely. Loving all of the remixes!
  8. This seems like the perfect music for me to just recline into a chair, put on my surround sound, and drift off to. The mix has a nice consistent beat that I can sync into, with a good amount of energy while not rushing the relaxing atmosphere. Love it.
  9. To be honest, I wasn't interested for the first minute or so during the part where it was mentioned to be "Spielbergian", but for the rest of the track, I was completely hooked. This sounds like the song of healing you would hear if Nintendo ever makes a 3D version of Majora's mask. I appreciate the subtle changes the remixer made in this mix, I loved the choir, overall I liked everything about it.
  10. Really reminds me of the other "At Zanarkland" mix, Far From Home, to be exact. I feel that this is a very well done update of the previously mentioned mix, very smooth, my ears just love this kind of stuff from you.
  11. Although I've never played any of the Final Fantasy games, thanks to my friends and OCRemix I've at least heard a lot of tracks, and this is one of my favorite. Like Emblem180, it really moved me, gave me chills and goosebumps; but as Brandon also mentions, the cello's missed notes really hurt the lower voice of this mix when the lower end was already weak enough. But overall, I freaking love this mix. I love quartet performances, and this one was pretty well done.
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