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  1. beyond all else about this dumb situation, the worst part of it is that william kage (aka john klaes) is generating hype for himself with his pointless butchering of midi-to-.spc-or-whatever translations of snes classics. i figured maybe there would be some common sense or solidarity about this after people viewed the site but i guess considering he took the 16bc.o down, that kind of speaks for itself. eat an egg.
  2. hey guy, pretty sure when people do shady underhanded stuff intentionally and say they didnt intentionally do said shady underhanded stuff, there isnt going to be a pretty resolution. the guy cant admit his guilt.
  3. kage, you say you made mistakes, but never intentionally wronged anyone. do you not think that registering all iterations of people's domain names out from under them isnt wronging someone? i personally cannot give this any clemency on good faith because sadly i know too much, so its time for another scathing post about this from me, because i doubt people will say it in this way and walk the line of good taste and still get the point across, which i think should be to not support this clown. first up, if you had no idea of the plans for snesology, then why did you register their intended doma
  4. i am not a bro, gario. i dont appreciate that kind of insult. also, anything is possible if it is wanted enough.
  5. it doesnt even necessarily have to be all 28k members, but the ones who cared to sign up for it could be a nice gesture. certainly would be feasible and honestly, why dump on a bunch of rewards and bloat on something that is already bloated because of more funding? why not try and make a completely free physical release when you have this level of funding involved? or take it further. it doesnt seem all that unrealistic. not only that, it would be doing something that really hasnt ever been done before.
  6. good grief, what a shitstorm for 65 large, ocr could certainly afford to send out a copy to every ocr member gratis and then some with all the printing trimmings and have a bunch left over. is there any chance of it getting to that point if say, $100k is raised? this is some weirdass hail mary fundraising stuff that makes me question why we need more final fantasy 6 remixes in the first place.
  7. this is a delicious take on megaman music and im proud of my sweetie and game over for coming up with this on the little blue guy's birthday! so great.
  8. zero replies? heres another track. phantasy star 2, mystery and violation. http://tempsoundsolutions.hotdogstorm.com/mp3/powar9/16%20-%20phantasy%20star%202%20mystery%20and%20violation.mp3
  9. hey all you guys, i know i dont post too much here on ocr but i wanted to let you all know the new temp sound solutions cd is available! our 9th video game cover cd is out now and it is something else! mainly genesis/snescentric, 'now youre playing with powar 9: welcome to the next leval' is undoubtedly one of the strongest in the entire series! without further ado, the tracklisting and samples and stuff. 01 - phantasy star 3 opening 02 - wwwwrasslemania (make you humble) 03 - block out http://tempsoundsolutions.hotdogstorm.com/mp3/powar9/04%20-%20mariopaint%20wii%20plaza.mp3 http://tempsou
  10. i'm pleased to announced that remixSite composition combat has gotten underway. you may now register for the competition at the remixSite VGMdb forums at http://vgmdb.net/forums/showthread.php?p=12446#post12446 ..the theme of the challenge is below, and the rules are located at http://www.remixsite.org/combat if you are up for the challenge! i certainly hope some people from here will participate! first place is $500, and second place is any game (maximum price of $59.99). in addition to this, you can now upload videos to remixSite! check it out if you havent yet, or if you just havent logged
  11. STATE COLLEGE, PA (October 3, 2009) - Today, the remixSite Group announced the remixSite Composition Combat. From October 17 to November 29, video game music artists around the world are invited to participate in this ultimate competition to create the best original work for a role playing game. Unlike many competitions that consist primarily of remixes of existing songs, works submitted to Composition Combat must be entirely original and must conform to a specific theme, which will be announced on the day the competition begins. Songs will be judged by the community at the remixSite video gam
  12. theres a lot of inconsistencies in claire's article that really show how bad of a journalist she is as well as a fact checker. lets go through them. first off, and right off the bat: japanese jazz musicians in bands such as t-square and yellow magic orchestra wrote music for video games. so her whole article goes right down the toilet with that. secondly, megaran didnt 'land a contract' with capcom. he is simply endorsed by capcom, nothing more, nothing less. theres a big difference between 'landing a contract' with a company that doesnt even release music that way and being 'endorsed' by them
  13. cosmic is the fitting word, though i think its just essential. sam makes total music. i cant stop listening.
  14. this is definately very sad to hear...any time you hear of someone passing at an age this young its very disheartening. im unfamiliar with his music, but i definately will familiarize myself with what he's done, that's truly how people can live on. my condolences go out to you guys who were close to him.
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