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  1. Not mine, but; I will put some of mine up later.
  2. Screw that, I'm going to be laughing all the way to my mailbox chock full of PlayAsia delivery for my JPN Wii. I'll get an American version for my other Wii on Feb 10th.
  3. Looking at Olimar's Specials, it looks as if he may be getting more out of his Pikmin's power in his normal attacks than his specials. Seems to me most of his specials are geared towards his survivability while he may use his Pikmin to bat away people (like Mario in the first announcement) in his normal fray of attacks, enhanced by the Pikmin he'd currently wields.
  4. I understand that, and I cannot say either you or Airwalker are wrong, cause even I don't know. However, it's a pretty safe assumption to speculate the Mii in of itself as a character. Also, I do recall My Music DS game was planned to be released on DS around the time Wii was project revolution. It did contain Miis in the said game was well. Of course Nintendo and Sakurai himself knows a whole lot more than us as far as where Miis and icons go or mean. That still does help me feel a bit safer with my prediction. And if anything, I'd like to see a Mii model that takes a few pointers from the M&S Olympics model, like y'know, adding posable thumbs and fingers. =P If I had my way, I'd arm them with giant stylus pens.
  5. Well, the DS icon may very well be a representing part of the built-in software of both Nintendo's newest consoles (DS and Wii), which includes music from the Shop Channel and what-have-you. My bet would be a Mii representing that icon. Though playing your own Mii is nice and all, I think Sakurai should impose himself as said Mii.
  6. Well, I did say Falco, not Captain Falcon. Though I am not entirely sure if you were directing that part of the response to me or not. In regards to the "icon theory;" So far almost every major icon representing a franchise used in the game has a character (exceptions of Animal Crossing and DS). In Melee and 64 they didn't use any icon for anything that didn't have a character already representing the series. Hell, not even Mach Rider or Baloon Fight music had an icon in their updates (or like the game "X" in Brawl, related to the Smash symbol), they were just matched with similar stage they were on. So far this hasn't changed for Brawl, for all we know those two icons I mentioned previously still may have a character to correspond to those icons. Even if they change the icons (which granted, they may), it would be a first for the series. As it stands now, there ain't no real reason to say it has changed.
  7. Well, browsing about I noticed a few things as far as a roster goes, so I decided to make my own little roster thing a while back of my predictions. Basically I truly believe we'll only get about 35 characters on a reasonable level, the unlockable ones in red. The additional green are others that may make it in if the rumored 40 is true, the ones in blue are like a personal taste, disregard those for whatever reasons. Though I hate to say it, I don't think my mastered Falco is returning (at least not playable). So far there hasn't been much wrong with the icon theory holding a character for each icon, I'm led to believe the DS icon represents built-in software for both DS and Wii, this includes the Mii Channel. I personally do not see Ridley himself as playable. Not due to his size, but his build. Sakurai did mention others from the Metroid Prime Hunters series in his blog, which includes Sylux (and Weavel).
  8. Some of us are going to E for All in this coming October, apparently this was the response to the E3 downsizing. I got an invite from Vivendi. =P
  9. It's good for a couple reasons, one being that you can catch what you own on the GBA games, the other puts in other pokemon in the game as you go about the normal scenery (Like Elekid in Vally Windworks when Fire is in). Besides, replaying the set that started it all with fun new graphics and features ain't too bad either.
  10. Finally got around to finishing the ELite Four on Diamond and loaded up LeafGreen and went onto Pal Park and caught myself a Deoxys, Mewtwo and my trusty Bulbasaur. Working on trying to find my damn Ruby and get my Regice, Regirock and Registeel. PS: Magmotar is an evil evil bitch.
  11. As always SGX, your tunes are a prime example of ambient electronica at it's finiest. Almost every single song you produce I can litterally play them and lay on my floor and listen to them in a synesthetic trance, very calming. Cheers to your continued awesomeness for the ears.
  12. Got your first two albums and they were damn good hear-sexes! I'll be looking forward to a third.
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