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  1. Fantastic work, the first minute made me tear up.
  2. This remix is great. I only have one problem with it.. the notes being hit at about :19 in the song sounds off from the original track. That could be what mv was going for, but it just doesn't sound right to me.
  3. I simply love the feel I get when I listen to this remix... as Zeality said, "you have added another dimension to the concept of Zeal," and when I hear a remix that has accomplished that, it has my interest immediately. great work.
  4. Recently I have downloaded some Final Fantasy ReMixes. In paticular Acousic Fireworks, and decided to burn a new CD. The songs will not show up as a supported type in Adaptec, and It won't let me burn a CD because it was a .MP1 file. Anyone know whats going on?
  5. SA-X is kinda hard on Fusion. She just down right scares me. The scary music comes on, and then SA-X comes and chases, shoots, kills. I beat the game though. The last boss was not very hard, died on him once. Fighting SA-X was not very pleasent, but when she turned into the monster thingy it was simple, of course the X virus then fought me with the shooting plasma beam and I died on the Friggin' X. It pissed me off. Great Game though.
  6. I really liked Green Amnesia, and is definately one of my favorite Chrono Mixes so far. I think you should do another one for CT, just as long is it's not schala or zeal because I think everyone has enough of those.
  7. Well I'm what remixers call a Beginner. I have just submitted a remix to ChronoTrigger that might come up in a few days if it makes it. http://bondpage15.tripod.com/Lavos_1999/Lavos1999.mp3 Tell me what you think. I also want to know on FruityLoops when using the playlist (because I haven't really dived into the whole program yet) I will have a solo going, and once the solo stops, it stays in the backround the whole time, Like the strings on the end of Lavos1999. It actually made a cool effect on Lavos1999 but in some cases I do not want it there. Any Help?
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