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  1. If I could do music, I would sign up for this. Unfortunately for me, I am not a musician. More of the assistant type, and it seems you got this on your own. I'll keep an eye open on both Apex and Northwest Majors 8 though, because I support music in all its forms. Best of luck man! Hope the project goes well!
  2. This was a fantastic project for me, and I will not forget the friends I made here. I hope I get a new chance to once again be blamed for everything and help out! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!
  3. To bad we couldn't get it out before the game awards. Heard Reggie did a nice speech talking about Iwata during them. But his birthday is more appropriate, I do suppose. Can't wait for some other album to be put up for me to help out in, as this was good fun!
  4. Any extra help needed management wise? I need something else to do while Heart of a Gamer is in the time period between finished and released... Do tell, because I would like to help in some management style... That, and I adore Kingdom Hearts as a series. I own both one and two on ps2. Doesn't work with my ps2, but still. Bought them new on amazon for cheap. Now they sit there, begging me to play them. Anyways, point being: If you need someone to be there to take all the blame and be okay with taking all of it, I'm your guy. Slight rant over.
  5. I have the distinct feeling that mentioning time like that will jinx it. Or did I jinx it buy mentioning that? No matter what I say, I'll still gonna get blamed. Oh well. I gave up trying on that. Meanwhile, on the subject of sites, I would try my hand at that but I would totally blank on it because I have AD/HD and terrible short-term memory to boot. Not that I even have someway to even make a website. But, thats what good old google is for. If anyone knows someone who can do it whose open, please do say. Best to get that done ASAP.
  6. Wow, that is really well done. Color me impressed. Like really. That looks fantastic. Keep it up Odai!
  7. Well. Theres irony for ya. "FEEL SAD!" "It didn't work, lol! "DAMMIT!"
  8. Oh for fricks sake.... https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11pEtN8f3BlQbAkYkZDmMuUPHi_Lzm6yskTBBND9_Y1Y/viewform?formkey=dFNlTmlYYUJtUVNNd2hpSWxXa19Ra0E6MQThere, we found it...
  9. We got the link baby! Yeah! (Unfortunately, it doesn't have the album in the selection, but hey,that can be fixed... I hope...)
  10. Someone will know where it is. I'll be putting that form on my bookmarks page for further use for myself as is, because I plan on doing more assistant directors stuff for other future albums. I get to support music in my own management oriented way. Anyways, if anyone finds that PM me the link.
  11. Glad to know we are all in agreement over the title! Yay!
  12. I think there will be much less insults, due to the nature of the album. Very hard to insult someone for honoring a man who was such a big part of gaming. Its sort of like a Robin Williams album coming out to honor Robby after his death. You really can't hate on it, because Robby was a very good man while he was alive. I tend to make comparisons between Iwata and Robby because they both gave many people smiles.
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