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  1. A chiptune interpretation of a great song by K.K. - source - remix (draft 1) - http://tindeck.com/listen/xrogf
  2. A pumpkin hill remix. Think I'm pretty close to done, but any suggestions are much appreciated. source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF726gXNNmE remix - http://tindeck.com/listen/kjzar
  3. It's a thing that I did. Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y25IKVRKpYk Remix - http://tindeck.com/listen/zbjrg
  4. I like it, though a complaint hear and there. Overall guitar was fine. But it got kinda' off timing wise at certain spots. Solo was also fine, but my biggest complaint was the lack of variety. Other than towards the end, the harmony for both lead guitars is always an octave. Sure it is nice at first, but after the first 10 seconds or so, I started losing interest. Adding some parallel sixths or thirds could've spiced things up a bit. Even adding solo chord tones in the upper register would've helped. Other than that drums and bass were fine. I would have added some more complexity to the bass though (that is mostly a personal objection). Just cause it is in the lower register doesn't mean it doesn't deserve some love. Could've even carried the melody at some point to add variety. It was a fun little listen, and I hope you I hear more of you in the future .
  5. Hey, this is my first time actually posting a WIP here. It is a remix of the main title theme. The first time I heard when playing through Prime I knew that I would want to remix it when I got a decent DAW. That happened about a year ago, so here's what I have so far. Remix - http://tindeck.com/listen/unkez Source - Edit 1 - Changed out some instruments and tried to clean up chords and make arrangement less muddy in general.
  6. The strings sound a little static and repetetive for me from the start until they cut out and the electric guitar comes in. I really like the bass and guitar. They sound nice and organic and sit well in the track. The square synths are bit more tulmutious to me though. As compared to the other subdued instruments they sound kind of out of place. They could fit, but I would get some automation as far as volume or cutoff; they just need a bit of livening up. The drums, mixing wise, are nice. Toms may have a bit too much reverb for my tastes, but the biggest problem with them for me was the lack of articulation. Overall, I like the mix, but (especially towards the end) you start to rely on patterns a bit too much. Repeating the same musical idea a lot can work, but you need variation, whether its in chord structure or in the melody, it just gets tiring to hear the same 2 measures over and over. It was a fun listen, and I hope you work on it somemore, I'd love to hear the progress you make!
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