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  1. All three of those YM2612 plugs simulate ladder effect and can be toggled on/off, IIRC. You should be good for accuracy regardless of which one you go with. Bad luck with the promo code, didn't see that the cutoff had passed. Might be worth emailing them, maybe.
  2. FMDrive's sound quality is solid and it has great features, output filtering included. Unfortunately, everything is obscured behind an extremely obtuse (yet admittedly pretty) UI, so I can't really recommend it. SPSG is a nice SN76289 plug, and is far more usable. RYM2612 is my #1 recommendation as it's lightweight and well-designed. Toggles for original output filtering, DAC audio in, and every FM parameter is up front and visible at all times. It's also 50% off at the moment - the code is right under the price! (https://www.inphonik.com/products/rym2612-iconic-fm-synthesizer/) plogue's stuff is also excellent and feature-rich, especially chipsounds MD. Pitch bending is one thing I'm still trying to find a solution for, unfortunately. Coming off of trackers where I can just slide a note at a set rate, it's not quite as easy to do with a pitch wheel or portamento settings. As far as sound quality/accuracy goes, though, plogue's stuff is top notch.
  3. Welp, Fear of the Heavens was the one I had been eyeing up. Best of luck with it, Kylok! I guess I'll go ahead and call dibs on Spirit of the Night instead.
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