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  1. Holy crap! Super Mario Brothers 3 meets Metal Slug!
  2. I honestly would've thought this was from DJ Pretzel with all the jazziness going on. What an amazing track! The next Tetris game needs to have fan-made tracks like this one playing!
  3. Greetings everyone! This is my one and only OCRemix, and I wanted to thank everyone for the many positive comments and constructive criticisms. I've done very little music composition (roughly 7 complete works between 1999-2002), so I consider it a huge privilege to even be here. Tetris has always been a favorite game of mine, and I was extremely pleased with how 'Techtris Type Z' turned out (at the time). Most notably, with the completely original, ambient/piano composition between the main theme (especially since I never learned to read music). Unfortunately, as many others have observed, it hasn't aged well. Featuring the sound fidelity of a 1990's techno track, it pales in comparison to the countless examples of amazing talent featured on OCRemix. Nevertheless, considering that it was created in 2000, using nothing more than a Gravis Ultrasound sound-card (that had a 4Mb memory stick for samples), and Cakewalk Studio -- I'm still somewhat impressed at what I was able to accomplish, and extremely honored to be here. Thank you.
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