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  1. I will never get why people have an issue with OCReMix monetising their videos and website. Us artists/remixers get a lot of exposure to a great and supportive community – all without paying a single dime. Why not show some gratitude by helping to fund the website?
  2. Hey guys, some years back, I wrote the soundtrack for an Xbox Live Indie Game called "Aphelion". I've been mostly dabbling with vocal music since, but since I'm trying to get back into composing / video game soundtracks, I'd still very much like your input on this one. It still contains some of my favourite instrumental tracks I've written, though I'm aware I'm still probably at the beginning of my journey. Quick disclaimer: I know that for some tracks, mixing is an issue. I'd probably do stuff differently today, so I'm rather looking for some pointers arrangement and composition-wise, but nonetheless: I appreciate every single bit of feedback. Enough babbling, here's a YouTube playlist: Thanks in advance!
  3. I just realized that I, too, haven't commented on this thread. I'm the vocalist / primary arranger of that ReMix and I never properly thanked you guys for the great feedback, the positive and the negative. The other band members and I read every comment and took the criticism seriously. I agree with most of the issues Brandon raised. Six years later, there's a whole lot of stuff we'd be doing differently, especially production-wise. Even though we were still learning the ropes (and still are!), we had a ton of fun arranging this song. Even though Deflektor was (to this day) our only ReMix as a band, I'll hope to have more stuff for you soon. So: Thanks guys, we/I really appreciate it.
  4. This is, hands down, my biggest worry. I listen to music virtually non-stop at the office – most tracks for the first time, too. It's incredibly hard to keep track if it's an original idea or a melody you've heard somewhere and just remembered. It's kind of unfair: the more (different) music you listen to, the more melodies could accidentally be stolen. I recently wrote a song for a project and later realized ripped off the Daredevil theme. My solution simply was turning the arpeggio around: upward progression instead of a downward progression. Little tweaks to the melody could also be something to make the melody differentiate enough. Generally speaking, I agree that most of us are safe as long as the song is not the carbon copy of another track. I mean, it even happened to Uematsu. Music that's based on twelve-note-systems (most Western and East Asian music) means there's only a finite number of possible melodies.
  5. Hey guys, kudos on the great work so far! Really looking forward to the next album. The Gilgamesh thing sounds amazing and that'd be something I'd be really interested in. I'm a rock vocalist and guitarist primarily. I did a Deflektor vocal / rock remix some while ago with my old band and perhaps I could be of use?
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