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Found 9 results

  1. Hi folks, I wanted to share my interpretation on this theme. Golden Sun is one of my most loved games, played it when I was a kid and many of you probably know this theme/game, so I think no introduction is needed Also, I always write original music, so this is my first rework Please be merciful with your judgement!
  2. I think I would have had to totally rewrite the last track to get it up to standard (big thanks to The Damned and Rotten Eggplant for the feedback last time! =D ), and couldn't bring myself to do so. That notwithstanding, I think I incorporated most of the suggestions for this one: not substantially altering the harmony from the original; not including fake-sounding drums; including a bass part for more of the piece; and adjusting the orchestral swell at the end so as not to drown out the flutes. Comments/further feedback would be very welcome! BTW, the original track is here, f
  3. Guitars by @Furorezu and bass by @Furilas Thanks, guys! Feedback on the mixing will be very appreacited. Thanks. REMIX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/doio4d9cm5medj7/GS - Full Moon.mp3?dl=0 SOURCE:
  4. Any song from the series. Deserves love. If I had any talent I'd remix the whole soundtrack. Or start an album. First post in over 4 years.
  5. The People's Remix Competition 325 PRCv13-13 Hello everyone and Welcome to the People's Remix Competition! Important message: the deadline of this round is not the usual monday!! EDIT: Two days extension, new deadline Saturday June 25th. Last round Sonic got love again. However, only one remixer managed to get a song in; the one and only Chalis. This means he takes victory; he selected the source fast which allows me to start this round already today. This time a game was selected which has a PRC history as well. PRC31, PRC42, PRC124 and more recently in PRC307 and PRC311 the
  6. https://m.soundcloud.co m/user-166733596/kraken-of-the-karagol-golden Want feedback on this to know what I do wrong, what I could do better, and how to make it more interesting.
  7. Hello everyone, and nice to meet you all! This is my first real post on here after countless years listening to accepted submission on OCR. I've been obsessed with the Golden Sun soundtrack since I was a child. I find the whole thing full of wonder, magic, skillful world-building, and tremendous energy. In an ideal world, I would remix or orchestrate the entire soundtrack. But you know, bills to pay and whatnot. Anyway, here is my first true remix for Golden Sun's "Desert Heat" track. As I was working through it, I realized how difficult of a piece it is to change. The whole th
  8. The People's Remix Competition 311 PRCv12-25 Hello everyone and Welcome to the People's Remix Competition! This is the last regular round of this season. Last round Chalis showed that two hours of remixing can be enough to win a round (like Bundeslang also did a couple of times). He selected the source for this round. Source: Golden Sun (GBA) - A Little Friendship (Ivan's Theme) MIDI MP3 Youtube Link Source Information ThaSauce link: Click here to submit To submit a song at the com
  9. THE ARRANGED ELEMENTAL STARS (SOUNDCLOUD) THE ARRANGED ELEMENTAL STARS (YOUTUBE) Sup OCR? It's been a while but I decided to share this mix with the group. Hope you enjoy!
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