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  1. Has a pretty quick release so I'd say it's some kind of anvil/metal hit rather than a bell specifically. Reminds me of --> Might be better hunting for a sample rather than synthesizing it . . .
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I've always been very self-critical which can sometimes be helpful, but sometimes not. . . . And yes I've played in bands off and on through the years, blues rock bands, cover bands, heavy metal originals and the like.
  3. Spent a week on this thing, mostly trying to compress and reverberise without it sounding like complete garbage. I've been playing the guitar for over ten years and have written lots of music over the years but never really learnt how to record or use DAW's. I only found out what compression did about 5 months ago, which is embarrassing. So, still learning the vast nuances with actual music production and 'sonic space'. I was originally going to use the old six-string for the lead bits in this but couldn't get a recording that didn't make my ears bleed, I don't even have an audio interface and the only hardware I DO have is an Akai - LPK25. All the samples I've used are free ones and so are the VST's. Original:
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