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  1. if you did i mihgt just confess my love to you . thatd be so rad dude, it doesnt sound like there is any chords in there though, just 1-2 strings but thanks
  2. amazing song you made here man, the guitar is effing kill. soo good i was just wondering if you could make a tab for this song, id love to learn how to play it on my guitar. keep up the good work man
  3. *sniff* what a great song. Too bad it wasn't on the site before Christmas. Oh well, it's still awesome. Goodwork
  4. Kaleb. I guess i go threw fases with songs or something. im really into trance and piano right now, and i have been for like 2 months. the rest of the songs on my playlist are rock and some decent piano. I'm only listening to about 3 or 4 now, but mind you im not on the computer all day. so ill probably here the songs about 5 times. For some i guess it would get boring, but it hasn't for me.
  5. Dude, this song is great. The first time i heard it i didnt know what song you were remixing from chrono trigger, but then when it progressed i found out. its seriously an awesome song. goodwork Dan, keep it up.
  6. I don't know what you guys are talking about, this piece being too simple? It's perfect. How could it be too simple if its the exact song done in piano, if it was anymore complicated then it wouldnt sound right. Don't listen to em Klutz, this song is by far the best piano ive heard and i continue to play it all the time. Infact, on my playlist of 26, I only play this song and 2 others. I think its very good man, keep it up, i want more.
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