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  1. Can I write in size 18 font for big emphasis too?

    The music isn't "shit." The unmastered raws are in terms of mastering quality. Get your terms correct.

    Anyway, I'm very in tune with a meritocracy here, as well as free speech. I've been there before, considering I authored 90% of the content on the encyclopedia and features sections of my site, and presented 90% of the articles. CompyFox has been told to "FINISH THIS BY (CERTAIN DATE) NOW" and it's tough considering he spends several fucking hours a day on it. Compared to several hours spent over an entire year by remixers, you can see the imbalance of workload. The mastering was also sort of thrown in at the last minute while the 29th date was still on, so it's kind of breakneck.

  2. What estimate are we looking at, now? If this is private information, someone PM me, at least. I have to decide whether to release a new feature this week at the Compendium, or add it to a list of things to release after Symphonic. Symphonic will eclipse things close to its release, so I'm holding some aces in my sleeve.

  3. Dude, Frog owns!

    I mean, lil' kid, whose "brother" gets killed, gets turned into a frog, becomes a knight, wields a legendary sword called Masamune AND a medal that accents his heroicness? AND talks in ye' ol' english? Cant get any more heroic than that! :roll:


    conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

    see? its NOT grossly uncoventional! Beware of thy slurping...for it be far strongereth then mine x-strike abillity! thine has beeneth warned! :P



    By the way,

    Who usually submits site projects to Slashdot?

    I'm asking because I've been authorized to collaborate with Josh of SquareAMP (who's had successful submissions) to submit it, but I don't want someone who normally does it for all site projects to submit it to and wind up with two submissions. Lot of redundant words in that last sentence.

    This will be the last big Chrono event for a long time, now that the birthdays are passed and no official word is coming. The community will enter a big druoght after this, so let's make it good.

  5. Oh, alright. Well, it depends on what you have planned. I've been rolling around a 30 second spot or something (no, not as fast as the Micro Machines guy), but I guess I'll hang back and see what's on schedule. Mainly, I'm just going to bring to attention the Chrono Symphonic Extravaganza, and maybe tell people to look forward later this year to news on the Chrono Trigger Coliseum or something. In terms of big events for Chrono fans, Symphonic will be it. Cross is 5 years old, Trigger is 10, and the Compendium's covered mostly everything else. The Chrono community is about to enter a serious drought.



    would like to just go over the materials to be released in the main torrent or alongside the music. Are we going to have a readme or anything? I've been rolling around the idea of just getting a paragraph from every remixer and participant in other duties about summarizing the project as a whole, just as a capstone to the Extravaganza.

    And we are submitting to Slashdot?

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