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  1. My commentary probably isn't of much worth since my musical background and criticism is limited to more sensory and feely stuff rather than hard "1:08 is out of key; EQ this," but I'll offer mine for Confronting the Mystic.

    I like the multilayered quality of the song. At 0:58, when it begins the second iteration of that popular riff, is there any other instrument the riff could be rendered in? I've been thinking that it would sound fresh and even more kick/badass if a different strings instrument was used, since we've already heard that part of the theme done once with that instrumentation. I'm not educated though, so this might be an impossibility; merely a suggestion.

    For reference, here's the Brink of Time version:


    It's mostly Bondish stylish and laid back, but imagining the Magus riff done with an edgy guitar is cool; not sure if Claado restricts against it.

  2. Any props or thanks to me is hugely returned for a Zeal remix. I've been collecting them for ages, and while many people claim "OMG ITZ OVERREMIXED," each new arrangement brings its own interpretation and flavor to the table. Your style is great; I liked the overall build to the main meat of the song. It was heavenly and enlightened, and straightforward.

    Alright, I'm not the best reviewer for Zeal remixes, since my experiences are largely personal, but there it is. 46 Zeal remixes and counting.

  3. Coolness. More signatures from Gamefaqs:

    HungryClock "I shall sign this as well! I visit OCRemix about every day... there's a lot of talent in that community, which I wish I could possess as well..."

    Schnapp "YES"

    Meteor Cross "Signed!"

    GameMasterMax "Why the heck not, i say!"

    alpha door "*signs*"

    Wings of Time "I'm all for this Chrono Trigger symphony. I like the idea, and I've always been fond of orchestral music. Go for it!

    Consider yourself SIGNED by me. ^_^

    Good luck."

    Alex103701 "*Signs*"

    chris35 "*signs*"

    Colonel Kassad "*signs*"

    Thats basically all the regulars of the Gamefaqs CT board, besides the trolls. You guys are adored.


    I posted at the Gamefaqs Trigger board. The following users there wish to send you their encouragement and appreciation for remixing Chrono Trigger music in an orchestral format:

    lordjanus "I'm all for it!"

    dragonmaster1702 "i would love to hear that."

    rusty404 "yes"

    guinness42 "i would like to see it complete!"

    Cliftor "Their names will live in memory forever if they finish."

    Bobwillis "signed"

    FFCrono "signed"

    Lord J Esq "While I think that orchestrating Chrono Trigger music ought to be its own motivation for any sane-minded person, I nevertheless most assuredly and completely do encourage this wholeheartedly."

    And many more are looking forward to this, so know that you are not alone. We adore your efforts and hope you'll continue remixing. Viva la CHRONO

  5. Dang, TF is cool. I've already begun work on Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes, a full-length new game. Porre is now a dark state, with soldiers everywhere. I just need to edit the Porre Mayor's house. Additionally, the book in Crono's room is now a journal of sorts (though you can't write in it). I've also given the Kilwala in Snail Stop two alternate songs to play, and added a small island off the coast of Porre where arcane military research and arming takes place.

    Woot for Chrono Trigger modification and remixing.

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