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  1. I hope you guys noticed (and enjoyed) the little Sonic 3 reference in one of my fills. Keeping up my weird trend of paying small tributes to games that aren't actually represented by me or my opponent. (Last round had the Sonic Boom clip despite neither being from Sonic CD) Edit: Also in case anybody doesn't pick up on the reference in the track name, Sonic makes Speedy Gonzales seem like Regular Gonzales. Yeah... I've been rewatching the good 'ol, pre-cancellation days of Futurama again.
  2. Just submitted my track. Dayum. Only had 3 days that I actually managed to work on it. Like I said, this was the first week of my new job. But hey! I didn't drop out. It may not be my best work, but I "finished" it. That's gotta count for something.
  3. I'm not dropping out! But I doubt my song will be quite as polished as usual depending on how well Friday goes. As I said before, this is the first week of my new job and I've been trying to learn a million things and meet a million people and it's made my brain kind of tired. But I have some pretty ok stuff layed out that I can hopefully turn into some super sweet stuff before I run out of time or brain power.
  4. Well, I got about 1 minute and 20 seconds done over the weekend. Then tomorrow (Monday) I start my first day of my new job. So... hopefully I can continue to make steady progress and not burn myself out. WE WILL SEE! If nothing else, what I have so far is pretty cool.
  5. I'd like to grab "Decision" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGnQeSyp9Ek ) but I'm not sure how much I can get done for a WIP "within 2 weeks of claiming" because this week I'm mixing for the Sonic Remix Compo while juggling an original project and changing day jobs. That cool?
  6. I mistyped. Should have read "even though you tagged track NUMBERS, Winamp does not want to put them in order when I go to play the folder"
  7. SUGGESTION: Could we get a playlist file with the rounds? (.m3u or whatever they are) Even though you tagged track names, Winamp does not want to put them in order when I go to play the folder :\
  8. I still can't believe how quickly you made your mix. Kudos to you, good sir. It takes me forever to get anything done. I probably would have sent in a 10 second clip if I was in your shoes.
  9. FIXED! Been listening to the mixes off and on throughout the whole week but in all the job changing craziness, I almost forgot to vote. All my votes should be in, now.
  10. Straight up gangsta rap! It ain't secret no more. I have no plans to slack! Prepare yourself!
  11. I already have some potential ideas stewing about in my head for this Saturday. Should be interesting, though. I start my new job on Monday so I'm hoping my brain won't be too fried.
  12. Initial reaction to listening to every song, Ben Briggs wins round 1. Best song of the lot. My second favorite is probably Phonetic Hero's. Wait a second... Phonetic is a potential round 2 opponent and Ben is a potential round 3 opponent for me. EEP!
  13. I had actually never heard Chaos Angel before being tasked to remix it. My exposure to the Sonic Advance series is very limited. I played one of them a bit, but I have no idea which one. It didn't grab me and I moved on. I want to say maybe it was part 2? But I'm not sure.
  14. *Looks at Robotnick roster* Oooooooooh, Mystic Cave vs. Scrap Brain? Yes, please!
  15. Yeah guys, I have no problem with Jake standing in. I'd much rather have an opponent than advance by default. I would have responded earlier but I got food poisoning. But the food, it was so delicious. I REGRET NOTHING!
  16. Dropping like flies, I see! Anyway, my mix is in your inbox SuperiorX. So... I guess I win. But why do I feel so empty inside?! *sniff* Well, I hope you guys like my track anyway even though you won't be voting on it. With Jason Covenant out, we can no longer have the battle of the overdone themes! What a waste. EDIT: *Guilt Trip Engaged* Just a heads up that I made my song while switching jobs (uphill both ways in the snow) *Guilt Trip Over*
  17. Combining your advice. Gonna go hit up 16 bars, get drunk, and write this ending.
  18. I just need an ending. Of course this could mean anything from 10 more seconds of stuff to 3 more minutes of stuff since I don't yet know where I actually want to end my song.
  19. I'm just glad the final round actually has two entries. Seems like we had a lot of dropouts this time.
  20. I need some help! Remind me again how you mark cutoff and resonance filters in sheet music?
  21. I've officially made it to the "I can't stop listening to what I have so far" phase so I can relax a little. Side note: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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