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  1. Submitted! I really like how this came out. I'm glad I was able to end on a high note since my second entry was so unfinished.
  2. I am super excited about this round, guys. The remix I'm working on has replaced my self loathing with what seems to be a scrap of actual confidence!
  3. "Maybe I'll just try this demo VST out. Ya know... for kicks." *spends too long doing things with it* *goes to save* --YOU MUST BUY THE FULL VST-- *caves in and goes to buy the full version* --IF YOU BUY THIS, THIS OTHER VST WILL BE 61% OFF-- *hands over wallet*
  4. Song's coming along quite well. Feels good to feel like I have my head above water on this one... at least for now.
  5. Cold Steel is keeping the same order for this third set of rounds meaning I will be representing the team this week.
  6. My vote ended up being the first 3 tracks in the list, but I swear it's coincidence! Really tough vote. A lot of great stuff this round.
  7. By process of elimination, Nekofrog must be our next remixer for Cold Steel.
  8. I don't recall if we mentioned or not, but Geoffio is mixing for Cold Steel. Basically, we're just repeating the same order over again meaning Nekofrog would start on Saturday.
  9. Wow, I did not at all expect such positive response from the WIP I submitted. Maybe I should complete it afterall. Unfortunately, my entire weekend (which is when I usually do most of my music work) was taken up by other obligations. Then I had the joy of my hard drive going on the fritz and having to do a series of backups (which of course I had accidentally left my external hard drive at work for a day). Then after all that, I was finally able to start my track, but the week was almost over at that point and I was getting very disheartened that I'd be able to make anything worth listening to in such a short time. All the positive words definitely make me want to put it in my "to finish" pile of songs. Thanks, guys
  10. I got a concept track done tonight. I need to flesh it out in the next 2 days. Nobody will actually like it. But that's ok.
  11. Tempted to make an entire song out of Wily laughs just to mess with people.
  12. Ok, team. So today I got my hard drives to make TWO crazy noises simultaneously! That's progress! Anyway, really thinking my system drive could die at any time so I am now backing up basically my whole computer onto external. Fun times.
  13. Uuuuuuhhhhhh my hard drive is making terrible noises. I think it's going to die. Goodbye, cruel world.
  14. Geez, this is really unsettling. Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding that can be cleared up. But with all the talk of internet censorship lately, the whole thing makes me very uncomfortable.
  15. This is so very, very true. Honestly, I probably don't have time to start my mix until Monday which sucks because I generally get most of my mixing work done on the weekends in these compos. But alas, aside from my full time job I have other obligations with their own deadlines that will suck away my free time this week. It's gonna be hectic, but I will still try to make something worthy of your votes.
  16. I never vote on the first day. I gotta let all these songs soak in during the course of the week so I can be confident in my decision.
  17. Is this different than the one you sent in? Because the Nekofrog song I just listened to rocked my face off.
  18. This should be interesting. The Mr. X stage has a very different feel than most Wily songs. I think Cold Steel is just repeating the initial artist order which means it would be my turn. Skyward Sword will have to wait. >_>
  19. Hey! Glad to see you're back Cold Steel might have a future after all.
  20. I need to remember to bring everybody's funky jams to work so I can listen to them on repeat in preparation for voting and reviewing.
  21. I didn't expect the scoring system to actually change, but I'm glad it did. Even though I'm 7th (and thus JUST out of range to be affected this time), I think this will be a much more reasonable way of doing things. Ultimately what it came down to was that there were nights were after a long day of working late that I just didn't feel like remixing. But the thought of letting my team down by getting less points helped me power through. Similarly in the GRMRB it was the possibility of being eliminated that helped me push through times when I was too tired or just didn't feel in the mood. Again, it was never about winning. It was about that extra push of motivation to make sweet, sweet music even when the mundane things of life have sapped my energy. Thanks, Darke, for making the adjustment. I appreciate it.
  22. Guys, you seriously gotta stop being so dismissive on this. It's not that we only care about winning, it's that it's a lot more motivating to do your best and improve when 9 out of 12 mixes won't end up as a tie. And again, we've been pretty civil about it. Please don't exaggerate the discussion as if it's some sort of poo flinging frenzy.
  23. Yes, the full written reviews are awesome feedback and I want to commend all of those who took the time to do it. I plan to continue doing that every round as well (time permitting).
  24. As was mentioned, a lot of people are putting a large amount of thought into meticulously choosing which mixes to vote for and with the current system if they didn't vote for the top 3 then those votes basically go straight into the garbage. Also, I should note I was in 7th so I'm one of the people that would "benefit" from everybody being tied at 4th, but I still find this score system disappointing. However, I will still have fun and try to make a great mix when my turn comes around again. I just won't have that extra motivational pressure of how it affects my team because it probably won't... at all.
  25. Would we? Perhaps you underestimate my harmonious flatulence. Anyway..... even if the scoring system doesn't change can we at least have individual round rankings get incorporated into the roster sheet? That way we actually know where we stand each time we submit a mix without having to dig for it.
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