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  1. Oh, I see. This one? I got 7th :\ Better luck next time I guess. It would be really nice if we could just get actual, easy to find rankings after each round. As soon as round 2 ends and the points end up being cumulative in that sheet, it's going to get increasingly hard to follow individual round rankings. In all honesty I find the rankings much more interesting than the actual score system because, well, if you aren't in the top 3 you will just end up with a million tied teams which is kind of lame. Edit: From my conversation with fellow teammate Geoffio... [1:29:02 AM] mainfinger: so basically [1:29:18 AM] mainfinger: if i farted into the microphone for 3 solid minutes our score would be the same [1:29:42 AM] geoffio: basically since getting in the top 3 isn't a possibility for our team... we're going to end this with 1 point for each time [1:30:06 AM] geoffio: That really makes me feel like putting in a lot of effort Ok, that's enough sourgrapes for now.
  2. Well, it's Nekofrog's turn to mix so we'll see how that goes given the circumstances. I don't know if he's still out of the country or what.
  3. Here's the thing... I'm pretty sure Nekofrog is still out of the country or whatever. I can't seem to get a hold of him at all. And aside from the whole voting thing, his turn to mix starts this Saturday. Cold Steel might be boned Do I smell a music video?
  4. Ok, my votes are in! And here are my reviews... Top 3 #1 Dubious Brother - Wow, I have listened to this track a ton of times. It really hooked me. Mixes the themes really well together, production is tight, and the use of the sample is pretty brilliant. And it winds down pretty gracefully too. Awesome job! #2 She's a Squirter - The arrangement is great, but it's all the sounds that really sold me on this one. The combination of the "old school" vibe the beats give off and the way each synth sounds is perfect. #3 Don't Make Me Cut You - I've never been crazy about Blade Man's theme, but you did a lot of things to keep this mix interesting. It never stays in one spot for too long (which is something I can relate to). There's a lot going on, but in a good way. My only gripe is how sparse it sounds at 1:16 before the bass comes back in. And..... the rest (in no particular order) Totally Rad Winter - Love the 80's vibe. It sounds cheesy in all the right ways and features some solid arrangement, too. Double Doctors - Oh wait, that's me! I knew that Wily laugh would polarizing. I'm glad some of you liked it! Burn the Castle - Really strong start when the guitar first comes in. Each individual section sounds great, but something about the flow/pacing of it all didn't hook me as much. The Knight Who Says Rock - I really like the way Wily's part is played in this one. Not crazy about how the breakdown went, but the placing of it was good. The Last of the Clan - I have to commend you on how well the narrative intro sounds. I've heard this sort of thing before and it's usually recorded or delivered poorly. Yours, however, sounds great in both aspects. As far as the actual song, I love the style of. Great sounding drums. Love how well you played into the Yamato theme. My only complaint is that the mix is a bit too stagnant. Two Minds Without a Single Thought - Wow, this is really out there. At first I didn't like how everything seemed off time, but as the track went on, the utter weirdness of it all poured over me and the unconventional timing became more of a key aspect. A very ballsy abstract mix. But it loses me in the end. At the end, the melody gets a bit too traditionally implemented which fights the abstract nature of the rest. Also, the sound effect to cap it off probably could have used a bit of effects to make it more unsettling. Very creative before that, though. Under Construction - I like it, but a lot of the instruments don't feel like they fit well together. The sound of the synth lead in particular just feels really out of place to me. But I really like some of what you've done with the percussion. This was a tough vote! Everybody did a great job. Can't wait for round 2.
  5. Personally, I think voting for more tracks is better. Otherwise, too many of the unanimously lesser tracks end up on equal footing and you might end up with a bunch of ties in the lower half of the ranks. Also, Geoffio is Cold Steel's second mixer.
  6. FINISHED! I have uploaded it to 2 places (one as a mirror) and PM'd the links. BRING IT ON!!
  7. I've got about 2:15 give or take since I'm not sure how much of the last portion of that I will keep. Had a great mixing day Tuesday, but then Wednesday was a total bust (couldn't make anything I liked). Hoping tonight will go well!
  8. One solid weekend of mixing down, one work-week to go! I like where this remix is going
  9. IT IS ON!! I shall start Cold Steel off with a bang. Gemini Man vs MM10 Wily Stage 1 will be the stuff of legend, bring kings to their knees, and other meaningless hyperbole!
  10. I'm very anxious to find out what Wily song is revealed. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!
  11. If the first remixer is on a train heading 60 mph north and the second remixer is heading 50 mph south and they are 137 miles away from each other, is the third remixer on a train?
  12. The Cold Steel remix order is also based on life circumstances. So me first (because I have no life), Geoffio second (because he was busy the first week), and Nekofrog third (because he's out of the country for the first 2 weeks).
  13. SIGNATURE ENGAGED!! Next week is gonna be a busy one!
  14. The first round begins Saturday, October 29, 2011. So that's one week away. Either Geoffio or myself could do the first week. By then you'd be back in the country I guess? If not, you could do the third week.
  15. @Rexy Hey, that's slick! @Nekofrog Just listened to some of your stuff. Wowza! Great stuff. We'll try not to slow you down
  16. Ok, Cold Steel (Geoffio and I) need one more person and frankly we don't care who it is at this point. So if you don't have a team, just hop on it.
  17. Ok, as Geoffio mentioned, we're both in! Here are my picks: 1) Gemeni Man (MM3) 2) Slash Man (MM7) 3) Dust Man (MM4) 4) Yamato Man (MM6) 5) Dive Man (MM4) We don't have our third person yet, but our team name is "Cold Steel". If you don't think that name has enough to do with Mega Man than you obviously haven't seen this: http://www.mainfinger.com/misc/cold-steel.jpg
  18. I am leaning increasingly toward "yes" on joining this competition. I am in talks with maybe having Geoffio (from GRMRB2011) joining my team and then having an open spot for somebody, but he's not 100% sure if he's entering yet and well, neither am I. But hopefully we'll make up our minds by Thursday night. We will see!
  19. This is a super cool idea! I am really tempted to sign up. But I'm not quite sure if I have the time. I will have to mull it over.
  20. Speaking of pimping out the EP... pluuuuuuuuugged http://www.themmnetwork.com/2011/10/04/a-rockin-sockin-cinder-blockin-concrete-man-ep/
  21. Thanks so much! I realize my reply is a month late, but I didn't see your message until now. I need to come to OCR more :)

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