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  1. I fixed my list since I only had 4 out 5 chosen originally. It's updated in the original post.
  2. 1. Aquarium Park (Sonic Colors) 2. Planet Wisp (Sonic Colors) 3. Chemical Plant (Sonic 2) 4. Flying Battery (Sonic & Knuckles) 5. Marble Zone (Sonic 1) Oh, 2 more people joined. I'm not too late am I? EDIT: I added my last pick as #4 which pushed my original #4 (Marble Zone) down to #5.
  3. BURN! Anyway... kinda thinking of maybe entering this since I just got eliminated in the World Warrior Remix Royale. Hrrmmmmmmmm......
  4. Aw, NutS. I already had some ideas for Balrog vs. Fei Long. Oh well. I'll get you next time, Sir_NutS! Until we meet again...
  5. Still only 18 votes while the other rounds have 30+. Either a bunch of people are waiting until the last possible minute or they just completely forgot. :\
  6. Looks like there's currently about half as many votes as usual. Time's a wastin'! Get on it before it's too late if you haven't already voted
  7. I went way out of my comfort zone this round. Hopefully that doesn't bite me in the ass. I do love making wub wubs, but I figure variety is the spice of life as they say so I switched things up. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, actually.
  8. I guess that depends on what they're actually using them for (which I get the impression nobody really knows the specifics of).
  9. I was wondering the same thing. Was really looking forward to the mix, too. Hope everything's ok. Seems like we've had a lot of dropouts in this compo.
  10. I am a sucker for abrasive, super compressed stuff so count me in. Downloading it right now. I should come to the non-Darkesword competition threads of OCR more often. Edit: Finished listening. I love it! Chip Monster is my favorite. Also the Hank Hill clips are brilliant.
  11. yo, Darkesword! My remix is in your PM inbox. WOOOOOO!!!!
  12. You think you know what a Main Finger remix sounds like, but I submit to you this: your preconceived notions will receive a shattering that will shake the very heavens! This ain't your daddy's Main Finger remix... or maybe it is! (dun dun duuuun)
  13. I got a full song with an ending, I just gotta spend the rest of the night tightening it up before sending it off.
  14. That's eerie... I snuck a little Gravity Beetle into my first entry, too. Just a tiny bit, though.
  15. Only one day of mixing left! (sunday doesn't count for me) It will be interesting to see how people react to this song. It's quite different than my usual entries.
  16. Ooops. I thought I already did, but I totally didn't. I should do that tonight. EDIT: Done!
  17. This is the third darksword competition I've done and for some reason round 2 is ALWAYS the hardest. EDIT: I take it back. I now love what I have so far.
  18. My current concept has no wubs and has a pretty different sound than my usual output. Perhaps I will stick with it.
  19. I'm at a bit of a crossroads myself. I was gone for almost all of Sunday and all of Monday (today). I made sort of a concept track Sunday night, but I'm unsure if it's the direction I want to continue in.
  20. CAAAAAAMMMYYYYYY!!!! I love Cammy's theme. Excited to make a Balrog vs. Cammy mix
  21. It's probably not a great sign for me how much I enjoyed Jason's track >_>; That said, I'm still very satisfied with how mine turned out.
  22. I dig the vocal stuff in your track, Jason. That sampled from something?
  23. Man, it's super disorienting having Saturday be the last day instead of the first. Anyway, my mix is submitted. I've heard it so many times that I don't know what's good anymore which is generally the cue that I need to quit and send it in. Prepare for trouble... or something. I dunno, I'm tired.
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