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  1. Hello all! I personally wouldn't mind taking on "Vampire Killer" and doing a typical "That Headband Guy" job on it, but obviously there's vocals in mind for that one, so that's not something I can facilitate, sadly! Happy to take "Bloodlines" though!
  2. Haha, awesome! Thanks for the reply, dude. Appreciated.
  3. I have returned, with more madness. Aquatic Ruin Zone this time. Hope you guys like it!
  4. Hello! After speaking with Odai, I'm happy to claim "Dungeon", assuming it's still available. THG
  5. Here's another video from me. This time tackling FF7. Quite a different arrangement than usual...I think! Enjoy folks!
  6. Thanks, ACO! Yeah! They are great sounding samples, man. Believe it or not, I actually triple tracked the guitars (except during the solo - those are doubled). Left, right and centre (albeit a good few db's down. A Metallica trick allegedly! Glad you liked it and thanks again!
  7. 2016 version of an old arrangement that I did 4 years ago. Re-recorded/wrote everything from scratch. Enjoy!
  8. Re-wrote all the drums and bass from scratch. Turned out quite good...I think! Enjoy,
  9. Cheers for the tips, ACO! I know, my mixes are somewhat lacking. Still getting used to these Yamaha HS5's that I got a couple of months back. Definitely not the greatest monitor, I can tell you that! Decent enough. The blame is on me!
  10. Apologies for the belated reply guys. Been away from home the past couple of days. Firstly, thanks! Really, really glad you both enjoyed it! Flex - I've removed the "eval" tag. I'm just happy to share and I'm still learning the ropes of the forum. I'll get there! Zorrakh - Agreed about some of the transitions. A little clunky at points. I was aware of time and I didn't want to spend too long on each section, although, some turned out a bit longer than others. The whole thing actually started years ago when I used to drum along on pillows to OST's and I always thought, "I should do
  11. Hey guys. This is my first contribution to the OCRemix community. Hopefully I've done things correctly in terms of posting etiquette! Also posted on the "Newbie" thread, if you want to check out my lil' introduction. Cheers!
  12. Greetings! Mike (That Headband Guy) here. Very new to the VGM community in general, albeit being a fan since as long as I can remember. I'm a guitar player of 15 years and I've taught for 7 of those. After playing in many bands throughout the years (and fought with various personalities and egos), I've very recently ventured into working solely, uploading regular content via my re-branded YouTube channel (still in the infant stage), where I can finally share my passion for VGM...as well as your typical rock/metal et al covers. As like most people here (from what I've read on this particul
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