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  1. Hello all! I personally wouldn't mind taking on "Vampire Killer" and doing a typical "That Headband Guy" job on it, but obviously there's vocals in mind for that one, so that's not something I can facilitate, sadly! Happy to take "Bloodlines" though!
  2. That Headband Guy

    Golden Axe 1 + 2 Medley

    Appareciated, man. Thank you!
  3. That Headband Guy

    FF7 - Cid's Theme - Goddamn Tea Remix

    Haha, awesome! Thanks for the reply, dude. Appreciated.
  4. Here's Moon Beach done Metal!
  5. I have returned, with more madness. Aquatic Ruin Zone this time. Hope you guys like it!
  6. That Headband Guy

    **RESURRECTED** Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma

    Hello! After speaking with Odai, I'm happy to claim "Dungeon", assuming it's still available. THG
  7. Here's another video from me. This time tackling FF7. Quite a different arrangement than usual...I think! Enjoy folks!
  8. That Headband Guy

    Duke Nukem Theme - Metal Remix -

    Thanks, ACO! Yeah! They are great sounding samples, man. Believe it or not, I actually triple tracked the guitars (except during the solo - those are doubled). Left, right and centre (albeit a good few db's down. A Metallica trick allegedly! Glad you liked it and thanks again!
  9. That Headband Guy

    Duke Nukem Theme - Metal Remix -

    2016 version of an old arrangement that I did 4 years ago. Re-recorded/wrote everything from scratch. Enjoy!