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  1. Hello all! I personally wouldn't mind taking on "Vampire Killer" and doing a typical "That Headband Guy" job on it, but obviously there's vocals in mind for that one, so that's not something I can facilitate, sadly! Happy to take "Bloodlines" though!
  2. Haha, awesome! Thanks for the reply, dude. Appreciated.
  3. I have returned, with more madness. Aquatic Ruin Zone this time. Hope you guys like it!
  4. Hello! After speaking with Odai, I'm happy to claim "Dungeon", assuming it's still available. THG
  5. Here's another video from me. This time tackling FF7. Quite a different arrangement than usual...I think! Enjoy folks!
  6. Thanks, ACO! Yeah! They are great sounding samples, man. Believe it or not, I actually triple tracked the guitars (except during the solo - those are doubled). Left, right and centre (albeit a good few db's down. A Metallica trick allegedly! Glad you liked it and thanks again!
  7. 2016 version of an old arrangement that I did 4 years ago. Re-recorded/wrote everything from scratch. Enjoy!
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