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  1. I was going to upload on Youtube, yes, I'll share them when they're uploaded!
  2. I claim the Overworld theme, if no one has taken it yet. "Clad in Green": https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx8KZbVBD5eKaWJSMnowZktKRVk
  3. Do you have to have submitted work on OCR to participate, or can anyone try? If I can, I'd like to ask if I could make one from Zelda Link's Awakening?
  4. I'm more about remaking the tracks, so even if someone wants to use my remake and remix it, it could be interesting! I'll see if I can make other songs in the list, I'll get back with new claims if I have any ideas!
  5. I like " Of Pendants and Crystals " for a name! I have another idea to put to vote, maybe? How about "Pieces of Courage"?
  6. "The Death Mountain Trail", that's the name of the track. Now, I can improve, if need be.
  7. Can I try the Dark Mountain/Forest? EDIT: Here's what I have: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx8KZbVBD5eKRFpyYzNFTDBOSjg I don't know if it's what you wanted, but it's something.
  8. Oh! And fun fact: "Sea Of Sound", from "BlueWave by DJ Blue Jack" is my 2nd music ever, I did back in 2009. I made a revival version this year, called "Sea Of Sound Revival" in my HORIZON Album. It was meant to be a showcase of my improvement over the years, how I evolved.
  9. Ok, since I got such a wonderful feedback on my VG Remix Collection, I figured I'd share my original work with you (These are Playlists): ALBUM: BlueWave by DJ Blue Jack (2009 - 2012): ALBUM: HORIZON (2016 - Present): Thank you.
  10. Wow, thanks for the incredible feedback. I actually shed a tear of joy, it made me feel good. I'm so happy that you (finally someone) noticed my Horizon album. I never had much expectations on it, though. I've been trapped in this depression for years now, not knowing where to turn myself to. I try and I try, putting my heart on everything I do and love, but it never seems to work... I'm glad you understand, and I knew I would be knocking at the right door when I posted this. Thank you, once more!
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