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  1. Is AmIEvil Swedish? Or did I miss your point completely? I love this remix. One of the best. Even though I've grown a bit tired of it by now.
  2. Yes, this is a classic. I wish I could get guitars to sound this good. But that trumpety sound in the intro is annoyingly fake...
  3. Kinda cool. Sounds more African than Arabic in my ears, though.
  4. It's kinda cool. I like the intro, and that Lock Stock-ish guitar in the end.
  5. First of all, Monkey Island is one of the best games I've ever played, and I absolutely adore its music. I've tried many times to remix one of the tracks, without result. So when I saw this remix I downloaded it immedietly. I really dig the intro, it felt very heavy. When the melody kicks in, and the characteristic metal Iron Maiden-ish guitars started chomping, I was somewhat dissapointed. I'm no big fan of metal. But that's not a flaw with the remix, just a conflict with my personal taste. I like the song, because it's a well done Monkey Island remix.
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