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  1. First songs finally. I want to thank timaeus222 who helped me a lot to build my sounds here.
  2. I updated the tracks in the link. In my opinion one of the 2 tracks has a much better bass sound with fuller low frequencies now. But I hope I can get some comments so that I'm sure I'm not doing it wrong please !
  3. Hi, a few months ago I put a similar post and I got great advice from Timaeus222 for the drum sound of my project so now I'm back for the BASS! Please listen to the song here: https://soundcloud.com/wakodoha/sets/basstest/s-YGnPS I'd like to have both the punch of punk bass and the recognizable triangle wave of 8bit music. Something between this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB0-qopJyz4 and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmUu4toKJCA for example! How can I improve the bass sound? Any frequency missing (I don't have studio monitors)? (My project consists of playing punkish guitar and singing live but trying to have other instruments on backup tracks with a 8 bit (old videogame) sound. Any comment will help me improve anyway since I'm a beginner, thank you!)
  4. It's just perfect! Feels like a playstation one funky plateformer.
  5. Hi Timaeus you were right! I went to the studio to use live monitors for a loud sound and I settled for the kick of track 2, snare and toms of track 1 and cymbals of track 3.. Thank you again for your precious help! I hope to come back soon for bass
  6. Alright! So I updated again: -Didn't touch track 1 -Changed tuning of the snare and cymbals on track 2 -Tried to bring the snare in front on track 3 Are you still having the same opinion?
  7. Ok I understand now! So I (supposedly) improved the sounds again and brought levels louder using a master limiter. It's on the playlist that has 3 tracks. No favorite yet?
  8. Hi, thank again. Wait are you saying that if I render a quiet track and turn up the volume on the speaker and if I push up the faders before rendering (without any limiting, compression..) the 2 results will not sound the same if I adjust the speaker volume? I don't know about that! I didn't consider loudness because I'm just focusing on sound shaping now, mixing is still far yet. Well I just replaced one of the 4 tracks so 3 are still the same as originally. But if you didn't tell me "track number X" sounds the best then I guess I failed at improving sounds.. Yes I learned how evil solo button was! Maybe sound is also cleaner because this time I imported wav instead of mp3. It sounds good with your compression. But for now I need to restrain from putting anything on the drum bus.
  9. One day track? No way! Awesome, the only thing that could be improved is reverb depth like on the rhythm guitar but it's already awesome so don't bother..
  10. I like it! Totally feels like playing some adventure!
  11. Updated: I finally got a longer decay and impact for the snare by adding a noise triggering gate, a salt of reverb and parallel compression. Please tell me what you think of the updated playlist!
  12. Hi thank you so much for those very useful comments! I spent the day trying to correct a bit and I learned a lot. I used a transient shaper and some eq to make it more full in the low. Not easy but I put a kind of slap back delay and it's a bit thicker hopefuly. I haven't used a reverb bus for the drums yet but today I added some reverb to the toms to make them longer. I never noticed but I just listened to reference songs and there's almost no information above 15kHz! My cymbals were blasting at 18kHz so I gave everyone some low pass filter.. So I replaced one of the tracks of the playlist with the corrections I made today. Hopefully the improvement will be noticeable. Thank you again, Cảm Ơn Em , I hope I can get more opinions !
  13. large resolutions and small palettes are a fresh take, good job!
  14. Hi I've been suggested on KVR to come here to seek some advice and I'm very happy to discover this site and the amazing video game remixes! I had no idea such a community existed! Maybe I finally found the place to improve my music, I have a lot of songs to listen to now anyways! So I have this punk project where I want to use 8bit sound to make the drums, bass, synth.. Mostly everything except the voice and guitar. Here's my actual challenge (also posted on Reaper forum): I'm starting from scratch so for the drums I used videogame samples, noise, triangle and square waves to create some kind of drum-kit. It took a lot of EQ to obtain some sounds that sound drumesque.. I need some advice to improve my drums sound especially if you have big speakers and you can have a show feel or even if you have studio monitors which I don't have. Are the snare and kick thick enough? Here's a playlist of 3 new tracks with a different drum sound each. It would help me a lot if you tell me that you have a favorite (and least favorite) track and why. I would like to sound 8bit but I cannot sacrifice the punk punch of the drums (I can catch up with the 8bit sound using synth later). Any comment will help me improve anyway since I'm a beginner, thank you! And here are some examples of punk bands of which I enjoy the drums sound for reference: 4 get me a nots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB0-qopJyz4 lagwagon https://youtu.be/W_x5hD1cx3A?list=PL...XoWx6PSl6IOfKA dradnats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW0p9mrqY9s
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