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    My name is colton pense, but you may also refer me as Kaiser, or KaiserBeats, I am a remixer and arranger that came on youtube since 2015, Since then, I've been improving my abilities on remixes and arrangements since
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  1. Hey guys, I am working on a collection of songs from Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga in celebration of the 3DS HD Remaster, Since Super Star Saga was one of my favorite GBA games back in the day, I hope that you guys can help me recreate some songs from the series, I don't even mind you guys partaking in the collection of songs! Here is my first song in this collection, A rearrangement of the boss theme
  2. I created a remix based on the popular yet catchy as heck, Bad Apple from Touhou Have a listen, and what do you guys think? what are you thoughts on the song?
  3. Also, It would be also cool if we can attempt to make it sound like these, heck, I don't even mind adding segments of those songs into the valfalk theme as well
  4. hey guys, I am in need of someone who can do Percussions and Synths, or one of each for a remix I am working on based on the Monster Hunter Monster, The Valfalk from Monster Hunters XX (I prefer calling it Generations Xross as well) anyways, I practically did the melody of the song, but i need people to help work on the other parts of it, PM me if you want to join, I am also on the OCremix Discord Channel as KaiserBeats and as a point of reference, here is the original theme
  5. Hey guys, i am kinda new to this site, but my name is KaiserBeats, an arranger and remixer from youtube and soundcloud, and I am hoping to get my word out into the popular arranger site, OcRemix!, Anyways, I wanted to share some of my arrangements here as way to see what you guys think about them and if they are OCRemix Potential, or perhaps you can give me some advice on these arrangements and finally a youtube link because this remix of mine has gotten to be quite the trend what do you guys think? Pretty neat eh?
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