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  1. It is quite common for composers of any kind to quote other composers or themselves. For example John Williams was heavily inspired by Gustav Holst's Die Planeten when he wrote the Star Wars Soundtrack. Carl Orff, who's most famous for his take on the Carmina Burana (Chants from Beuren) quoted his own works multiple times. Those kinds of things can be used by a skilled composer to invoke certain feelings in the listeners and to remind them of other stories. So if Jenova theme was taken from Blade Runner, maybe it was done because of their similarities: FFVII and Blade Runner both have this gritty Cyber Punk style and both tackle difficult subjects.
  2. Hi there, as you might have seen in the title, I'm going to write a paper about VG remixes. What will the paper be about? I plan to do a broad overview for the whole VG remix scene (quantitative research) and analyse a piece or two (qualitative reseach) if there's enough space left in the paper (it can't be much longer than 20 pages). The quantitative research is more important at the moment (I need to lay some groundwork), so I'll probably write the paper about this first and then a paper concerning the music itself. Since the second paper won't be directly for my university, I can take as much time and space as I want. So if you have any ideas concerning that, say it. It's going to be a long running project, so as sooner as I start gathering information, the better. What will be in the paper? First of all, the music of the VG remix scene. It is paramount to all scientific research that the history of the topic is clear (at least roughly) before other work can be done. While the history of VG music itself is researched quite well, the same can't be said about VG remixes. Where are the roots of VG remixes? Who were the first remixers? When did it all start? Are there any (aesthetic) rules for making remixes? How did other genres influence the remix scene? How can you help? If you know any answers to the questions above, tell me. If you're an experienced composer, tell me about your experiences. If you know something about the history of VG remixes, tell me. If you have a certain idea in your head that you want to share, tell me. I can't promise that I'll use every bit of information for the paper, but I need to accumulate as much knowledge as possible, so knock yourselves out. Im looking forward to your ideas Samsa
  3. Gregor "Samsa" Arnold

    The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!

    Greetings, first things first: I'm not a composer. I study musicology and I'm currently planning on writing a paper about VG remixes. My Name is Gregor, though on the internet I usually go by the name of Samsa. I've started listening to remixes from OC Remix and other sites about 5 years ago and it just got to me back then. When I started my studies I kind of forgot this kind of music (normally musicologists listen to Bach, Brahms, Monteverdi and such), but I recently rediscovered my passion for remixes. So if you've got any information about the history and evolution of VG remixes or if you've got some remix on your mind that's especially great: Send me a message, I'm open to suggestions. Hope to hear from you soon.