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  1. You have some really nice parts in this song. I particularly liked the part starting around 1:41. In general I think the hardest thing about experimental songs is differentiating between something truly experimental vs. something incorrect. For instance, the effect with the delay feedback at the end was definitely interesting, but I could hear it switch on with a little pop and I felt it didn't really accompany the song well. Also, I feel that even though the original song was minimal and sparse and that's probably what you were going for, you could have done a lot to add to it with some extra layers like a nice synth pad or some glitch drums, even something quiet and consistent in the background can really go a long way. You did this somewhat with the field recordings, but overall I think you just needed a bit more supporting elements to tie everything together rather than sounds scattered around the composition. I could really hear the potential in the part I previously mentioned at 1:41, I just wish it was fleshed out a bit more. Hopefully that all makes sense. Your song definitely has potential and like you said it was pretty experimental, but I personally think that experimentation can be accepted more in music when it is contrasted against normal things.
  2. Hey everyone. I've known about this site for years but only just now decided to contribute something. It's a song from Kirby Air Ride. I blitzed the song in a few days but I didn't realize the review/acceptance process took so long and in hindsight I could have come here for critique and stuff but I guess it's too late now. Oh well, I'm generally happy with how it turned out anyway and got to learn and try out a few new techniques in the process. I also don't really know why I picked this song in particular aside from liking the bassline. There are much better songs from this game I could have chosen; the second movement in this song really stands out weirdly and I was getting annoyed trying to fit it in my composition. I did end up combining another song though, which I thought mixed in well. Anyway, here it is, enjoy! (P.S. I was originally going to start with a remix of Aquatic Ambience until I realized that it's one of the most over-mixed songs on this site and people are getting sick of it. It's such a good song though!)
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