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    Born and raised in New Jersey but now living in Canada. I've been producing music for over 15 years and have a few music pieces on TV.
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  1. I'm new here and I think I've found my home. I'm a Hip-Hop head and love remixing game music from Hip-Hop's view. I've remixed Schala's Theme from Chrono Trigger. I've used old TV dialogue (cleared the sample) in the beginning. I wanted to give it a real hip-hop feel with an Asian twist. I hope you guys enjoy!
  2. You really put a lot of work into this. I actually like this better than the original. I love the guitar solo. The sound quality is really good. I use Logic Pro X but always have a sweet spot for Garageband.
  3. This is really well done! From the arrangement to the video production. I'm really digging it.
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