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  1. Souperion, thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you like it! After listening a few times, I can see what you mean by the repetitive nature of the melody, so I've made a couple of revisions to it. I also enhanced the clarity of the leads, and for the 0.14-0.17 part you mentioned, I raised it by an octave. I tried other instruments, but I've grown fond of that chiptune esque synth and cant let it go. I feel its much better now. Its also slightly quieter, as it was too loud for streaming services after I checked, so it would get distorted and compressed if released. It sits at around -1.5dB
  2. This is gorgeous, and I really get the influence from the How To Train Your Dragon music. The epic vibe comes through so much.
  3. Hey all! This is my first remix that I'm posting to OCRemix, and its from one of my favourite games from my childhood, Digimon World for the PlayStation 1. So, here is my remix, going for a retrowave/outrun inspired sound. EDIT: After the feedback, I've made a few changes with making the melody more varied, and adjusted the more chiptuney synth for clarity. I've also changed the mastering, I felt it was too loud, and after using a loudness meter I've adjusted it to around -1.5dB overall for streaming purposes. The Soundcloud file is an mp3 here too. When I submit to the site, it'll be WAV
  4. I think you've got the retro feel of the synths down pretty well there, I like it. The drums feel maybe a bit too damp in my opinion, but I get it that its part of the production of that style. Are you using a TAL synth by any chance?
  5. I'm very interested. We'll see where it goes, but yes, interested. If we get a soundtrack similar to that blood pumping feel of SoR1, I'll be a very happy bunny.
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Peter, but my username is that of my synthwave band, Vercetti Fade. I say band, but its just me. Anyway, I've listened to remixes from OC Remix for years, but never thought to actually join the community because of travelling/lack of common sense. Happy to be here!
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