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  1. Great rendition of a piece of music that I remember hearing hundreds of times in that game. The voice clips make me feel nostalgic.
  2. This is great. I've both played this and also loved the heck out of every trance mix that's gone up on OCR. And the description reminded me that I need to listen to White Skies again... Definitely going on the playlist!
  3. Funny story, I've never actually played FFIX, but I downloaded a lot of the music a long time ago, so I've heard many of the songs over and over. So I could pick out a lot of familiar tunes here. Suffice to say, I really enjoyed this. It might not be live orchestra, but it's dang close. Great job.
  4. Great stuff. One of the things about the OST is that all the songs are so short, you have to do some editing to get the ideal 6-7 minute repeat experience. This is nice and long =)
  5. Beautiful. I really like this take on the original.
  6. I am very impressed. Huge development on the original... which I remember listening to when it came out, funny enough!
  7. Thank you for working the opening theme in! This is a wonderful track that sent me back years to searching through a lonely chateau, listening to recordings, and hunting for clues...
  8. Really enjoy this. The variation is great. Only wish it was longer!
  9. Beautiful. I'm so happy to see this game get its own album. One of my favorites! Rest of the album is great too, but I especially recommend "Lover's Mask". Reminds me of David Nyman's piano/violin work. Awesome!
  10. Hell yes. I remember two things about Rad Racer 2: the ridiculous looking crashes, and this song. Finally it gets its fully-instrumental justice. Well done.
  11. Very catchy! This song was made for funk, I now feel. If I *had* to be critically constructive about anything (only because you asked!), I'd say the very short intro made me stumble a bit. Maybe it's the pause. But then it picked right up and never stopped. Great!
  12. This brings back so many memories. I spent at least a few hundred hours with this game.
  13. Great work, captures the magic of the original but with some distinct differences. I love the switch to rock.
  14. Really really like this song! Awesome job, the both of you. Love the initial guitar/chiptune assault. It's funny how the "Squareness" shows through at times, a couple melodies in there really reminded me of Chrono Trigger. Never actually played Romance SaGa.
  15. Ho ho ho, a review for you! Very catchy, and refreshing both becaues it's more mellow than I'm used to for F-Zero mixes and because it's an original song choice. Nice job.
  16. Really held on to my attention, even though there are a lot of quiet spots. I liked the overlaying melody at 1:40, and, well, it changes too much to point much else out, but it's all good. Everything feels very intentional.
  17. In ten seconds I knew this was the perfect approach to this song. Great job. Really captures and enhances that expansive feel of the original.
  18. I love the retro feel, and the catchiness. This might seem kind of redundant, since it's from a game already, but it reminds me of so many great DOS game soundtracks.
  19. So soothing. I can remember having the sandy fanfare blasted into my ears for hours and hours sitting at the auction, this is really a different take on it. GJ.
  20. If you try hard enough, it can sound like a crow going "caw." Kinda adds to the solemn atmosphere that way.
  21. Love the second half of this mix. Gets really dynamic and the guitars start to break out of the earlier rhythm.
  22. If you'd told me this was made in two days after I listened to it, I wouldn't have believed you. I love the lyrics and all the little touches that make it so atmospheric, like the bubbling and quiet laugh. This stage seemed to me like one of the most intimidating in Super Metroid, aesthetically, in part thanks to this source. Mellow, but evokes a sense of isolation. I think this remix really captures the original feel of the area.
  23. Really amazing performance. I reflexively wanted to clap at the end of the video, but nobody's going to hear that, so: /standing ovation.
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