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  1. I've never actually heard this theme before. Lovely piece. I did listen to the original first and then your cover. Well.. I wish I could play piano like that and write piano arrangements like that but I'm lost in the piano world. I really liked that about your track, seriously. Piano arrangement was top notch. I think the pace of the track was great, you didn't try to hurry the song along and that really shows skill in someone's ability to tell a story with music. Something I must improve on myself and that I admire in your case. Bring bass tone into the song a little, it sounds a little dry in comparison to the other instruments, IMO. But you wanna know the really great news? I'm listening to this a second time, because I WANT to. I don't usually do that with others work too often I'd like to hear more piano from you in the future. The variety of instruments is lovely and you have I suppose a Gilmour-esque guitar feel to the lead parts which is nice. I do think that when the first heavy guitar chuggs come in that the rhythm tone is a little muddy and could benefits from a dryer tone with more presence and a little less gain. Take out the gain and quad track the guitars and you'll get a massive beefy rhythm guitar. Also when you built up the drums and then everything stopped, I think it fell kinda flat. I was all ready for a huge BOOM! Just my opinion. I hope that wasn't too negative. I only say the things I say with love because I really enjoyed the track. This is by no means an attack on your technical or writing ability. It's more of a production thing for me. I really liked it! ^.^
  2. Sounds like a blast! I might have to have someone mix my track though. It's been done on some really crappy speakers with a broken volume pot! ^.^ It could be a whole lot better with some better drum samples, mixing and mastering.
  3. I guess when it's something you've created and is unique to your fingers, dexterity and various abilities, it's easy. Some of the Soilwork guitar parts aren't so difficult. The solo's however, are another story. But again, imitating a style is so much harder when it's unique, than playing things your own way! I've still yet to see Soilwork live for various... private reasons haha!
  4. Wow, thanks for the advice man! Well, I'll give you the "excuse" now haha! Basically I'm using a Line 6 GX studio (I know...) and POD Farm 2 (which is actually pretty alright). Here's the issue... I'm using Logitech Z130 speakers, oh dear! I have no headphones or studio monitors. I completely agree, my mix is not great at all. Granted I'm not the best at mixing by any means but I could do better with some decent monitors or headphones. I used to have a pair of MH50s but I sold them earlier this year due to a poor financial position. My setup right now is literally Guitar > Line 6 GX studio > FL studio 12. Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it and will definitely learn from your advice. I'll check out your track now!
  5. 1) Why thank you! 2) Wow for a second there I was bracing for impact but I'm so relieved that you found my version worthy! 3) That's very kind of your to say. 4) Oooh tell me more! Sounds like a plan! 5) Actually, I finished recording all the audio and the only thing I had left to do was the guitar solo and the recording of the video. It was at this point that I decided to see what else was out there and I did come across this! I try not to search for others work before I decide on recording a song since I 100% want it to come from me and my metal influences. So no, I didn't take inspiration, but I can see where you made the connection. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. I love doing this and there will be plenty more to come. Pokemon Red - Pallet Town theme or Zelda: A Link to the Past - Overworld theme will be next, I haven't decided yet Nice to meet you! Paul
  6. Hi there! I'm Paul. I'm new to this website so I'm not 100% how it works but, I've seen some really awesome stuff though and I'm glad to be a part of this community! I've just started my own journey of creating metal versions of classic retro (and maybe some modern) video game music. I've started with a very well known theme that's probably been done to death, but I'd like to think I put my own spin on it. A Swedish melodic metal twist perhaps? Anyway... here it is! Hope you all like it! Peace!
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