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  1. Hello, It's been a while. Last time I posted a fireman stage remix from mmbn Now I come in hot with an old remix I made in 2015 of mmz2 departure Just so you know, When I get a better guitar VST, I will use it, but untill then, it sounds like it is. Hope you enjoy! In regards to feedback, whatever you can think would be great. It's been a while since I looked at this, so an extra set of ears would help. The lead for example is too loud in some parts, I hear separation between certain breaks and it throws me off... Thank you in adv
  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah it is kinda repetitive. I will try some more variation in the future. Thank you for the comment! Honestly, you hit it right on the nail. Mixing is my biggest weakness so far. I recently mixed a mashup of which I now regret not having put more volume in the lead... do you know of any places on youtube that elaborate on mixing?? I find this incredibly difficult to get into my intuition...
  3. What's up! I made a remix a few years ago. Decided to update it and upload it. Also made a custom visualizer!! Very proud of that one!! Though it's completed, I would still like some reviews if that's not a problem for you guys! Ps: everything I upload will go on youtube, mainly because that's where my channel is, but also because i make my own music visualizers!
  4. What's Up Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Basic Human, Call me Basic. I have a channel. So far only gaming related stuff, but soon also Music production, hopefully in the future some other content too. I will be making the occasionall remix/remake of a vgm/vgm-related track. Looking forward to hearing your work and reacing comments
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