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  1. Yes...oh yes. I love it. This is the dreamy/surreal mix this piece needs. I almost don't like the crescendos (if that's the word). I could just listen to that one mist refrain in the opening over and over...
  2. Lovely take on Zeal (one of the many ). I like the slight "off-key-edness" of the intro. Nice rhythm and a bitchen lead synth. Solid.
  3. I must have forgotten about this mix after I downloaded it. It just came up in random play and....I suck and should be destroyed for forgetting about this track. Very creative and inspired. This is a very compelling mix of the Jenova theme. I always liked the original, but this really sheds new light on the tune. It's nice to hear real instruments for a change on OCR, too. I'd like to hear a WAV or APE. OK, enough clichéd gushing from me. Excellent work Noir, keep it up.
  4. No, thanks. The percussion is way too busy, the acoustic guitar is out of tune, and the electric has a staccato delivery that just grates on me. I nixed it after about 40 seconds.
  5. Very, very nice. I rather like the exploration of Terra's theme. Nice dynamic changes and the like. ...and to think I almost didn't download it! "Oh God, not another FF6 remix..." Only DJP's gushing recommendation got me to download. As for clipping, if I listen hard with the sound up I can hear a small click in the right channel around 2:14. Than again, I've heard clicks on many tracks on my PC, so it's probably just my shitty audio system.
  6. Excellent. The trumpet duet works very well in this piece. I would have excised the noodly, uninspired organ solo, but that's minor.
  7. This tune was one of my early DD faves. Yes, it's simple - but does it need anything else? We know Dan can do epic, so why not something light on occasion? I thought this mix had been on OCR before, but I guess I just got it from Dan's site....
  8. OK mix, but very "noodley" as others have said. All-in-all, I like the soft, echoey sound. It seems to fit the basic idea behind the mix. It could just be a bit more focused and perhaps a minute or so shorter.
  9. Porno music? I don't know of a single porn I've seen with music this nice. Excellent, just excellent. Has a very thorough feeling without seeming "overworked" or forced. Cammy's theme adapts very well to this sort of lite jazz/pop arrangement ( I always liked this theme anyway). The tenor sax is astounding - if it's not real, I'd have to say that it's one of the most convincing synths I've heard. I would also like to know what you used to make this mix, mv. OT: I also enjoyed your remix of Laura's Theme from SH2 (sorry, "Theme of Laura" is to awkward and Engrish-y for me ).
  10. Have you tried moving the SF installer to the FL directory and running it from there?
  11. Well, I found out why I wasn't getting MIDI from my sound card. I wasn't assigning a port to my MIDI output. :B I guess there's something to be said for RTFM.
  12. OK. But I installed VSTi plugins with the original installation.
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