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  1. That's exactly what I was gonna say. >_< Great mix, but the fret noise is waaaay too loud and artificial sounding. Could we have a ReMastering?
  2. Well, the synth is incredible! There were relatively few moments where I could tell I was listening to a synth - and even then it was subtle. As for the recording - it's minor, really. Nothing a Digital Audio Labs CardD and some decent cabling can't fix.
  3. Awesome...it's nice to hear a mix so far departed from the usual OCR (not that that's bad ).This mix puts a new light on the original theme without changing it to the point where it no longer resembles the original. That's about as good as it gets, I think. MC: what equipment did you use to perform and record this piece? I'd also propose that the overall volume was kept down in order to prevent clipping on the louder sections of the piece. MP3 encoding will do funny things to sound sometimes - particularly if there's a bit of noise in the music already. Also, I'm sure that any sound with transients as strong as a piano plays hell with the encoder. But overall, yes - two thumbs up.
  4. Let me amend my earlier review ~ I recommend this song to people with ears.
  5. Disco Dan once again justifies my blind adoration of his work. I'd have to say this is one of the best thought out and executed remixes I've heard in a long time. As others have said, it remains true to the original theme and expands upon it in ways previously unimagined. Everything is placed and timed just so. The whole work flows effortlessly. Dan, if you don't have a music production job, GET ONE. I thought the ending was very appropriate. I think some found it objectionable because the piece seemed like it could have gone on forever (it's a good thing ). It reminded me a bit of the closing strains of "Neptune, the Mystic" from Holst's "The Planets". Or possibly the closing theme from "Contact". I am eagerly awiting further musical exploration by Disco Dan ~
  6. Sweet, very sweet. When a remix can take a simple sequence of bleeps and turn it into a sweeping, theatrical score - well! My hat is off to Analoq for merely having the vision to create this mix. Never mind the fact that it has been pulled of so well. The piece plays effortlessly. Nothing is "tacked-on". It just works. Nice work ( ) ! I'm looking forward to more.
  7. Good stuff! I really liked the wailing vocal fills - a very nice touch. It's nice to hear remixes that expand upon the original musical theme rather than try to change it. I'm looking forward to the next mix...
  8. Awesome...like the true musical monkey-stomp it is, this tune knocks you to the ground and doesn't let you up until it's ready to let you up. It's like being kicked in the head and kidneys repeatedly....and I mean that in a good way! Seriously, this tune takes a simple melody and dresses it up in a big goofy Dr. Seuss hat and baggy pants. Makes it a true dance tune that gets into your spine and makes your head and ass move in undeniable ways. I'd like to say it's good driving music as well, but I'd probably just start running over people if I ever put this song on in the car. 10/10
  9. The boy's got rhythm, that's for sure! More specifically, this mix shows a lock on polyrhythms that I only very rarely hear. From the kick-heavy backbeat, to the piano, and the maracas, and the "analog-synth" accompaniment, and and and.... The whole mix has a hard hitting feel that just floors me every time I hear it. The only gripe I have is the flute lead. It's just a little weak sounding next to the rest of the instruments. Perhaps a horn trio in its place? I dunno....I've rolled the possibilities around in my head for some time. If McVaffe, is watching this post, I'd love to hear back.
  10. I think - no I KNOW this is my favorite PretzelMix so far. Nice adaptation of the theme - it really lends itself to the stuttering backbeat. I also like the lead "clarinetty" thing. Dunno what the actual name is, but I like it.
  11. Nice arrangement. Just curious, what synth did you use? It's remarkably real sounding.
  12. I think the download is worth it just to hear the lead scream "HALLELUJAH!!! in a most unhinged and undignified manner. Short and sweet, it'd be nice if it were longer - but then, how could the next verse get better? it could only go downhill from where it was left.
  13. This ReMix has some interesting variations an a theme, but too often it's just that and not more. It just cribs a little too heavily from the original for my liking. It does also repeat itself for a little too long. On the upside, the production is excellent. Still very similar to the original, but just a little more of everything. Slightly softer and slower, it seems less tense - this is the theme as James looks back from a few years in the future; not the original where the pain was right there. The drums seem perfectly in place to me. I agree with Wingless that had they been any further forward it would have detracted from what he was trying to accomplish.
  14. I think you're right...the intro sounds just like the orchestra swell from "A Day in the Life". I think it's a sample - it's just too similar to not be one! Perhaps the remixers would care to comment....?
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