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  1. NEW FUN GAME: 1. Go to our details page on Podcast Alley 2. Click on "Podcast Player" in the little box on the left. 3. Enjoy the podcast in half the time! VGDJ: The Chipmunk EDISHUN! heheheh I guess the player doesn't allow for any non-standard encoding frequencies... heheheheh funny as hell.
  2. I was wondering when they were going to release that. Rayza and I were talking about how we could name our files to be iTunes 4.9 ready... hopefully they will be open to all directories... thsi is exciting
  3. Pitiful creature of darkness.... What kind of life have you known? God give me courage...to show you YOU ARE NOOOOOOOOOT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOOOOOOOOOOOOONE! *kisses Wingless on the cheek*
  4. Oh, you know it! Hehehee...and glad you enjoyed, Hemo. Kinda makes me pee my pants when I listen to the finished product. I didn't think it'd actually turn out well. But, creepy as AuroraMix is, I think The Wingless is adorable and I'm rooting for him in the date race. I honestly cried laughing listening to this.
  5. NONON JE SUIS FILET MIGNON!?!?!? If mignon means cute in french, which i think it does. I thought it mean juicy morsel wrapped in bacon.
  7. Hey everyone: Rayza and I going to be starting our recording tonight (10est). If there was anything you wanted us to mention for this (our 6th show!) then post it here! Lata
  8. I was horny.. SECKSUAL HER ASSMINT!
  9. sure maybe we can add it in the comments or something... in other news: Shownotes for Episode 5 are now available.
  10. I tried hard I hope its not too annoying.
  11. VGDJ Episode #005 is now available at www.vgdj.net Shownotes soon to follow...
  12. Hey folks... VGDJ will be up tonight but it is a little delayed... technical issues seem to be plaguing us!!! just thought I'd let ya know!
  13. or you could go here ... it has a few more features!
  14. that's awesome to hear. If anyone is having problems let us know!
  15. Hey guys! VGDJ has been moved to its new home! EXCITING! No longer will it transfer you to blogspot... YAY! Subscribers: did you get my present?
  16. EDIT: NEVER MIND WE DON"T QUALIFY Eligibility: Being that Podcasting is such a new medium and that new podcast are finding their way onto the scene on a daily basis we have set forth the following criteria. The nominated Podcast must have a minimum of 10 shows produced Podcasting on or before 1 May 2005 this will be verified by reviewing the podcasters website. A valid RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures, failure to have a valid RSSÂ feed will automatically disqualify the podcaster. goddamnit. I was excited there.. .oh well..
  17. Didn't someone already say that about me and Rayza, for which there is none? Hey lets not jump to conclusions here.. ... WUT?!
  18. Didn't someone already say that about me and Rayza, for which there is none?
  19. Hey are you gonna come to the OCR Toronto:Summer Edition meet? We're thinkin of July 16th.. DUDE. Its 'Edishun'. Geeeze learn how to spell.
  20. ................ what error? ... It's all her fault for spelling her name funny! It's not her fault that "Lea" is (part of) her real name! ...But you can blame her for the "Kureejii" part. I am retarded.
  21. I think instead of changing the Intro (because that's a key feature in recognizing the show), we should start putting episode tags at teh beginning of the file. For example (using Vigilante as an example) "Hey, this is Vigilante and your listening to VGDJ episode 4" .... cue intro
  22. You can blame someone else for that, I don't write the shownotes but I'll fix them soon.. Thanks.. Guys... so sorry for this. This is unexceptable and I apologize. I'm trying to juggle too many things at once it seems these last few weeks (what's knew) ... I apologize to Kureejii Lee and Sephfire ... no disrespect was meant and it was careless. I guess it just shows how much time these things do take ... I'll be more careful in the future and when I'm back from BC things should be back to normal and I can devote more time to this... i'm looking forward to it, believe me. Its been a crazy 2 weeks.
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