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  1. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Unfortunately I had these conferences to attend these two weeks, and it just happened to be right in the middle of our inaugural shows. The plan was just to do them from the road...well...i think I can do this weeks from the road cuz the connection is actually decent (JUST GODDAMN EXPENSIVE!) I guess we're probably going to have guest hosts now and then because well, there will probably be times when one of us isn't in digital wonderland (ie last week) ... I think it would be fun to mix it up if that's possible... not always the same guest or have a pool of people that are our replacements (when available)... Thanks everyone for your continued support... its amazing!
  2. Rayza and Fusion... awesome job... I should be okay for this week ... but I guess we shall see.....
  3. hahah i thought it was awesome .... weird.... but awesome heh
  4. Kay.... what the eff was that song hahahah Wingless you are tha masta...with a lot of tizzime on your hizzands....
  5. I'd also like to suggest not doing this: "And now we're going to talk about [subject X]" *Talks about subject X* Instead of announcing what you'll be talking about in a couple seconds, just jump right into it; it's rather redundant otherwise and it will make things flow more smoothly. Well, this isn't radio for a reason. There's an essence of freedom around podcasting because we don't have to be perfect.. We're allowed to fuck up. I guess because I've been listening to podcasts now (I'm subscribed to about 10)for about 3 months I've become a bit more leniant in my listening... it leaves an element of realism to the whole thing if its not always perfect all the time. This is in response to the whole movie quote thing and the intro/outro redundant thing.... I mean, the mannerisms, i can't understand needing to be fixed or at least improved because that's just bad speech... but like, yah. With practice we'll improve our recorded ways. Don't take this the wrong way PLEASE you have no idea how much we appreciate feedback from the listeners... we try hard not to annoy anyone We'll get bettah!!!
  6. Well it could be interesting since I did use to give reviews in the WIP forum a while ago. Does anyone else think this would be a good idea? I'm honestly a little opposed to this. I have no problem pointing the audience to the WIP forum to check it out for themselves (hence including the WIP forum link in the show notes) ... but I think we should focus on complete songs available. We definitely talk about things that are up and coming like projects and stuff, and the remixer interviews are there to give some insight on how some of this music is made... Plus, our review section is long enough as it is! We spend like 10 to 15 minutes a show reviewing songs, and we don't even play the whole song! so I really think the WIP is for the listener to explore themselves, and like I said I don' have any problem promoting its location.
  7. Rayza's just lucky I didn't read the fan mail from LadyToadStool
  8. Just a reminder that VGDJ Episode II: Attack of the ReMixers (not really I just made that up) will be released MONDAY May 30, 2005! (that's tommorrow ) Be sure to check the website for the link to the show, the show feed (if you wanna subscribe and not have to check back all the time), and the show notes. Lata!
  9. Hey right on, Compy! Always good to get some airtime! Sounds like a good show hehehe
  10. Holy crap Timberwolf... thank you so so much. This is soooooo much help. As Rayza said right now the shows are up on my uni account...no word from the admin yet though, so all is well *snif* can you feeeeel the love? ... makes me well up... *snif*
  11. Hehee fucking loved that show. My siblings and I used to act out the opening sequence whenever it came on... hehehe (as you can guess, I acted out sam crenshaw)
  12. UPDATE! VGDJ is now approved on PodcastAlley! You can find our podcast here ... or do a search for us! Please vote for us and lets get this thing started! Thanks so much for all your support so far!
  13. He sure can, but if he wants to engage an auidence, there should be an energy to the show proceedings to keep listeners interested. Don't get me wrong, it was the first show, but I was just making a suggestion on how it could get better. Not trying to rag on Larry, but he was himself, he said yo alot, he made weird noises, he tried to distract us by taking his t-shirt off. But he was larry, and ya, we ragged him on it... but he was always Larry. Hence... Rayza will be Rayza. (just my opinion)
  14. I don't think Rayza has to change his voice one bit... Rayza is Razya... not Rayza trying to be more fun. Rayza is dull and boring. Let us rejoice in this and be glad. Seriously, though... podcasting, when you think about it, is free speech to the max. We're not a radio show that has to get approval from FCC or CRTC or any other radio regulation agency... we can be who we are and that is awesome. I just happen to be better than Rayza... that's not his fault. That's God's fault. (please know that I kid)
  15. Yeh and half the fun is being there in the chatroom and all. Theres a lot of + and - points for both podcasts and live broadcasts, but its all good.. Also if anyone wants to add me to their Skype im krag_x_one on there.. ...and I'm frizico on Skype The chatroom part of VGF was something I really liked...and being able to get realtime feedback...that's hard to beat. Let it be known now that if you have something you wanna say that pertains to the site or the show, you can make your own mini podcast that we can include in the show. Any points of discussion, any comments what so ever, if you'd rather make your own mp3 instead of sending us an email, by all means, do that!
  16. You'd be surprised how hard it is not to do that. I've done a few recordings for a podcast, and I realized I say "um" a lot when talking. I learned to write out a basic script/overview for what I wanted to say, the points I wanted to cover when I spoke. Helped a lot, hope it can help you guys too. Whats funny is that after recording and going through making sure it sounded okay, we both made a pact with each other to try and stop saying UMS and UGGHS... even ANNNNND so much... you just don't notice while your recording!! Its tough but I think the more we do the easier it will get! Thanks for the tip!
  17. Wangless!! THank j00!! and YAY interest! hehee I guess the 'play the whole song' or 'play clips' thing is episode dependant. Sometimes there will only be one new song up in a week... who knows, right? In that case I'm sure we can play the whole thing. I think we're just trying to keep some sort of format, but its definitely not set in stone...i think you'll see the show morphing into slightly different forms every week, but keeping the same themes... that's what podcasting is all about... freedom, baby. freedom
  18. Dearest Larry, I remember when you first started out. I took it upon myself to be your promopimp. I made sure everyone knew that your show was coming up that week. Though my absences have increased over the last while, I just wanted you to know... that you wouldn't have gotten anywhere without me. Sincerely, Aurora (aka Succubus) PS: HOLY CRAP I'm so kidding. And HOLY CRAP I can't believe I missed the last show. and HOLY CRAP i can't believe its done. Larry... wonderful, wonderful Larry... you have created worlds of new opportunity with the work you've done on VGF. I hope it was as fun to do as it was a fun for us to listen and participate. Now what am I going to do on Saturday? heheh Great job, great legacy... Larry Oji. pssssssssssssst: Did you cry?
  19. I am in love with this Zeal mix. Wow. I love the Zeal music from CT, and I love all of the mixes... but this one I didn't find until recently for some reason... And i'm in love with it. It is so amazing. Just so good. Wells the emotions and makes me stop everything I'm doing when it comes on... its amazing. Thank you.
  20. Actually...that wasn't Suteki da Ne from FFX. That was some completely different Japanese song, probably with the same name. I still thought it was decent, though. :/ Goddamit! Oh yeah I forgot to mention to Paige: GIRL, YOU NEED SOME FUCKIn' TASTE!!!
  21. I honestly felt that this was one of the most entertaining of shows. THough, i haven't been to many this semester (SORRY), but I liked the fighting over who's song you were going to play next ... lol Insteading of having a set playlist, it was interesting to hear songs that you weren't expecting ... Thanks Larry for not just walkin' away and leaving us fans unfulfilled (pssst. got that cord yet?)
  22. Thank Jeebus for this thread... i was getting all ansy.
  23. okay this fucking SUCKS I totally made sure I was going to be here for this one. AND NOW THIS. *cries* THE INJUSTICE!
  24. I realise that this song has been out for a while, but recently I lost my entire MP3 collection. I started rebuilding by a huge influx of SGX material. For some reason, I must have missed this when it first came out. I also recently refreshed an old minidisc that I had and I added this song to it. So here I sit at work, and I had to stop EVERYTHING, because this song grabbed all of my attention. I sat there with shivers all through me. It builds so well, and it takes the mind (and apparently body, too) with it. What a fantastic reMix. Thank you, SGX
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