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  1. Thanks, JESUS! I knew all those years of brainwashing, altergirling and eating stale wafer-like crackers would be worth it in the end! Rayza updatez zee first post, mmmmkay?
  2. wow thanks! We're glad you dig the show! And welcome to one of the best, tight-knit online communities out there.
  3. Well people... in a matter of HOURS after I posted our goal of remaining top 50 on Podcast Alley we jumped 20 spots... we are now sitting at 33rd on the list! Pretty sweet so far! We added a form to our website that is a direct way to vote for our show so hopefully that will make it easier on people Stay tuned for monday's show! FYI: Stats for Entire Month of July, 2005: Total Site Hits: 34051 Average Hits per Day: 1098 Max: 2526 Number of Downloads of Last Show: 627 compared to: Stats for August as of August 5, 2005 11:36pm Total Site Hits: 41528 Average Hits per Day: 8305 Max: 14068 Number of Downloads of Last Show: 1620
  4. this is such a beautiful mix... gorgeous vocals... incredible.
  5. I can't believe people are still commenting on the song! That's fantastic... I can't believe it was SO LONG ago that we did it! hahaha Time Flies, remixes live on 4 EVAR *lights candle* hahaha thanks guys!
  6. Hey hey! Glad to have you on board! If you're still a little weary about podcasts or you want to learn how you can get the most out of syndication, check out the first post of this thread. I like the term 'podcast', but so many people take from that term that you require an iPod to have anything to do with them... hardly the case at all... you don't even need a portable music player. Just a computer... 'podcast' is just the name that stuck. ALSO...don't forget to grab Ep. 004 - interview with God er i mean DJP himself... and personally I like Episode 006 the best (tho episode 011 was pretty good too ). pS: I can't believe that as of monday we'll have been doing VGDJ for 3 months.
  7. However, I'd like her to rub my face in her Yes those are tassles.. :vomit:
  8. HEH awesome! Thanks for the support! Hey winnipeg is kinda close to there... ... and by really close I mean like... 20 hour bus ride! hahah
  9. Okay guys...I'm happy to announce that listenership has almost doubled since the Spotlight went up, and our hitcount for this month ALONE (in the 3 days) is already @ 80% of our entire hitcount for the month of july. This is fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has come to check out the site. What is important now is that if you are enjoying the show and you want to show your support, please take 1 minute of your day to stop by our page at PodCast Alley, the worlds most prominant podcast ranking database, and vote for us. This is a free way to ensure that we will be getting listeners from outside the OCR community to listen in and put this fantastic community's musical quality on the map. And if you aren't voting for the podcast, vote for the remixers who provide the content for the show. That's the whole reason we're doing the show, anyways. For the music! Viva la OCR! We know there are at least 500 people checking out the show each week, some weeks much more than that. And right now, we have 27 votes for the month of August. We are ranked 53 out of 5500 podcasts listed on the site... its fantastic and thanks so much for everyone who has voted so far. BUT... we know there are many more of you are listening! We believe we can get much higher on the scale! Our goal is to at least remain in the top 50 every month. Help us achive this goal! Pass the word, vote for the remixers, and stay tuned! Thanks everyone!
  10. Glad no one was majorly injured or anything but that would be pretty scary, especially since they thought they had landed without incident. I actually hadn't heard anything about this until you mentioned it, I was home from school long after the local news. I'll catch it tonight at 11:30 though. As CBC is my home page, I was on it as soon as CBC was able to get web coverage up... and i gotta tell ya... shitty deal. I just got back from rugby practice but what was being speculated before I left for practice was that the aircraft was struck by lightning on roll out (the stage before the touch down on the landing sequence) ... or possibly earlier on final... if it had been early early on final, they may have been able to do a go around to see if they could fix it, so i'm guessing it had to have been closer to touch down...but anyways... struck out the braking and thrust reversing capabilities and boom there she be on the side of the 401. I'm not an expert on large commercial jet aircraft; like I said all speculation. What was good was that everyone got out okay before the fire engulfed the cabin... and that it had nothing to do with religious extremists (just an agitated mother nature)
  11. Nice, thats what we're here for. The first couple episodes were more informative for new listeners and such but we don't do as much back tracking anymore. Hopefully new listeners will be able to follow along or grab the older shows to see whats up.. Oh man...just that right there makes this whole thing worth while... thank you soo much, Mastrix!!! we love to do it and we're lovin that you're lovin it. (i'd better stop now before I sound toomuch more like a McDonalds commercial) Don't forget people that if you have anything you wanna say and you want the entire VGDJ audience to listen, record an mp3 of yourself and email it to us at vgdjpodcast@gmail.com... positive, negative, anything going on with the site, anything you'd like to see with the show, send us an audio comment and we'll play it on the show for you and all to hear! We'd love to hear from you. EDIT: Rayza reminded me to remind ya'll about the The Gizmo Project, which is a internet telephone program (like Skype) that includes a feature that allows you to leave a voice message to the end users email in the form of a .wav file... you can use this service for free by downloading the client, or you can call one of the many access numbers (US ONLY for now, folks) to leave us a message, costing only the amount of long distance to the access number. Follow the instructions on our website!
  12. Now kiss.. *sigh* NOT a surprise...
  13. YAY from Japan!! Yay pixietricks on VGDJ! I shoulda said more about the wingless thing ahha.... You're cute.
  14. Now that you mentioned that, the "OMGPIXPLZKTHX" will never cease! Sorry didn't bring my camera...
  15. I'm working on the show notes right now guys. Sorry about the delay... you know... rugby tournament/social... I think i'm STILL a little tipsy from last night. (we all dressed like cheerleaders)
  16. Welp, we should have released Rayza's version, which was about 1/2 the length of what I ended up doing, and what we ended up using. rayza +1 As an avid podcast listener who has heard many a sound seeing tour, I guess I felt that cliping our travels down too much wouldn't be a genuine sound seeing tour. Sorry if it bored you. But we warned you that it wasn't going to be a normal show so Pbphhhhhhhhhhhhthgthghththth
  17. ...shownotes are available now too...
  18. Hey guys... I just released a little testies regarding episode #010
  19. OCR TORONTO has come and gone... we got some decent recordings from our day out and about the Big Smoke and we'll be working on releasing the show sometime this week.. Sorry for the delay, but you know... there's an hour and a half of recordings to sift though Thanks for stayin' tuned, everyone!
  20. I'd buy one, as long as it was cheaper than 75 bucks. My vote goes for "Neato". I have a different idea of how it would look, though.. maybe I'll make up a sample. I would have lowered the price for the shirt but I don't feel right capitalizing off of somebody else's show. Which is probably because it is as unlawful as it is (morally) wrong. Anyway, I made it $75 so people wouldn't buy it (from me). Go VGDJ. Yup, Rayz and I have been talking about merchandise... if we were going to make T-shirts though, we'd be focusing on the logos that Dakar has so tirelessly been working on for us free of charge. They are beautiful logos and would make awesome graphics on t-shirts...then again its doesn't mean we can't make other variations!!
  21. LIES! Jivemaster's clip was the clearest thing i have ever heard. DarkeSword could learn a thing or two from that clip.... You're both wrong. Makke did the best job by simply writing up his comments and sending them to team VGDJ to read on the air. But I think we all know that my opinions and comments are pretty much worthless. If you managed to read past the first paragraph of this post, congratulations. You are a good person. Dude, give yourself more credit. You may be worthless, but your comments and opinions are welcome. (i am only kidding about your worthlessness. You are not worthless... give yourself more credit. seriously. you can say anything you like about our show here and we take it all into consideration.)
  22. LIES! Jivemaster's clip was the clearest thing i have ever heard. DarkeSword could learn a thing or two from that clip.... Aurora+1
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