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  1. VG Frequency October 18th: LONGEST. SHOW. EVER.
  2. Everyone get your asses in here now. Its super fun. Great tunes, great peeps...
  3. I'm with neostormx on this one... goosebumps. I find that i have to stop all work to really listen to this song...this is definitely a good thing... I get lost in it and my mind wanders in the atmosphere that this piece sets... I find the chorus addictive... As for these 'wrong' notes... I noticed an uncertainty in the flow of the piece but it didn't ruin the overall experience of the song for me. Infact, I didn't really notice until the second listen. No bad taste here, but an amazing musical experience that i'm greatful for. Thank you, Chronosis
  4. I realise this has been up for a while and I've not had the resources to download the new releases from OCR... but today I have aquired those resources... and today, I've been listening to this tune ALL DAY LONG. WOW. Its amazing. Very cute, very 80's ... love the effects on the voice. SO good. Thanks so much for providing this for our enjoyment...
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