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  1. Hi Mak, I inquired where to post and was lead here. I do mention the original artist's music and even provide a hyperlink to their page for the song. I am new at posting on this site and am not 100% sure if im doing it right or not, i was sort of relying on my peers on this website for proper guidance. I have tried contacting djpretzel for proper posting procedures but did not respond. How do i get in contact with people individually on this site? Is there a messaging system? Should i alter my posts? I did mention in one of my posts i was unsure...any help would be appreciated thank you!
  2. Good Morning OCRemix! I have been holding onto this song for a while and I figured it would be the perfect time to share it! I love this beat, it just reminds me of a story about Cloud in which, I can imagine it must be rough. I wrote this song to resemble what cloud might go through on his adventures though from the original Final Fantasy 7, a classic! it's simply a story I came up with when I heard this amazing tune. it makes me feel amazing to hear all these songs everybody has come up with! This is probably my 6th or 7th run on this song. I hope you enjoy! https://www.dropbox.co
  3. Hello OCRemix! Here's one I feel is quite serious. *yes serious* *I will not be held liable for any reason of any sort.* I always have a lot on my mind, this is me expressing it. I've been hearing this remix over and over and was also trying to think of a way to reach out to others. As anyone, we all have issues, but a personal issue I have faced is suicide attempt. I won't get too much into detail, but I am still alive! Also, for anyone feeling this way too, I would truly feel happy if I could speak to you through this song and perhaps show you there is more to what we see, think,
  4. Hello OCRemix! I have been a fan of this site for years! I've written to plenty and now I would like some constructive criticism, I personally don't know how to compose or write music at all, but I have been writing for over 20 years and everytime I hear these remixes it makes me want to write more! I'm unsure of licensing and issues with this and that and its quite a concern of mine, is there anyone I can talk to sometime about issues like this? This song's purpose is to bring my feeling to music when I experience driving in my car, the second I heard this remix I fell in love with it! As of
  5. Hi OCRemix Community, I have been a huge fan of ocremix for years, I am simply in love with a lot of this music and remixes, I listen to them everyday! in result, I even wrote to some music/remixes, and would love to work with the original creators of the remixes and make some music official! I have tons of questions...who do I talk to? how do I get in contact with said individuals? I tried contacting djpretzel but I didn't get a response. I would love criticism for the songs I wrote and would also love to share with everyone! is there a way I can connect with some people here on OCRemix
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