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  1. Definitly mellow melody with some jazz background...sweeeet. Anyways I can't comment much since not much to comment on but I think that its pretty good gah its a bit early here right now
  2. Not to bad, and yeah the beginning does sound a bit from a Led Zepplin song...just download this song. Not much can be commented since I just woke up....ugh
  3. Hm...an orchestral mix on the Racheal Theme from FF3/6. My first thought was SAD. Sad as in its well...*sniff* its pretty sad how I remember the game. Anywhos this song is anything from sad. Its wonderful god man....gotta dl it ASAP or else...um...ur face will go like this! seriously though...oh well its not one of them remixes like megaman 3 needles or anything that made me fo but I went and at the same time. Sounds good around 2:30...o_O
  4. hm...not too shabby on this....one of those songs where I listen to while I smoke somea my joints and shit...I dunno thats just me
  5. star you damn bastard...another cool song but I think its a bit too raspy on the voices...not as in it won't fit with the robot tune but I think its a bit loud, dunno it may be just my opinion...>_>
  6. Whoo, in a way this one reminds me one of the DK2 factory remixes. I DON'T KNOW WHY SO DON'T ASK ME...Probably due to the "heavyness" of this song. GJ on this song
  7. Well, to be truthful I wasn't really a big fan of techno and I'm still not. At first I thought this song would be repetitive over and over again like any song but it mixes it up once in a while and some stuff of it is good but still its not to my taste but hey! If you like it and want to d/l it fine with me. Its just my opinion on techno mixes. This song ain't so bad
  8. Hm....Good Remix, Not Too Bad...At First I Thought It Was A Techno Remix But As It Went On It Becomes Better...Ah Well Can't Really Say Much Except Its A Really Cheery Song Apart From That The Only Complaint I Have Is The Stage...I Hated That Stage!!!
  9. Seperatly the "X project" is short and ok...it would've been better if it all would've been combined. Its good but meh...each seperatly isn't as good oh well keep it up!
  10. This is better then the 1st part imo...can't wait to hear #3
  11. hm....not too shabby.....after hearing this might as well hear "Part 2"
  12. o_O wow this remix...can't say I hate it can't say I like it...I LOVE IT! Man this remix is sweet and nice. Piano solo throughout the whole song and some added bass to make it a but after that I was like so I went around this song at least 4 times and it made me ....well not really but then I was like but in the end I decided to stick around and dl this song and I came out to be like heh heh heh...so tau yeah this songs hard to describe in words sometimes like....laterz
  13. thats my only thing....very awesome, not even Strong bad can measure up to this kind of awesomeness (is that even a word?)
  14. holy crap this songs niiiiiice. I can't believe not many people reviewed this one. I think many people are missing out on some really good techno themed songs (hint hint) seriously though, are people not reviewing this on purpose or something? This song is MAD GOOD I give it my
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