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  1. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but was this song (well it's alter-ego, "Jupiter Jazz") used in the show Cowboy Bebop? It feels like it was at some point for one of the chase scenes, and not just happenstance be the title of episodes 12 and 13, also called 'Jupiter Jazz'. ...I swear when I YT'd it and listened to the Underground Resistance / Galaxy 2 Galaxy version, I had heard it in the show before, but I am unsure. It's been literal years since I've seen it, TBF.

    And to clarify--whether it is or not--what I mean in my song blurb is that I incorporated some Bebop fun stuff into it. ^^ Unsure if the song was actually used in the show, but based on its namesake, thought I'd do a couple of nods to the show and episodes themselves, based from the same name of the alternate track.

  2. Yeah, sorry... I guess in hindsight it's a bit of everything, huh. Has a bit of Trap, and a bit of Trip-Hop. ...So now I'm unsure what to even call it, haha.

    It's ok. Now I understand what you meant. It is a bit fast for Hip-Hop (132 bpm I listed it as.) So yeah you're probably right, it may be more-so House or Trap with Rap elements than anything. I would guess the heavy use of sampling plus the vinyl DJ scratching and breaks made it real Breakbeat-y. Oh well, was kind of me playing around with a lot of different aspects of the said genres, so it's a chimera. Haha.

    There's never anything wrong with asking. XD Thanks again for the props, and it's always good getting to know minds of like music tastes and knowledge. :3

    Congrats Soup. :)

  3. Hey guys,

    I'll be getting to doing the critiques later on tonight, depending on how the evening goes.

    But I also figured I should answer something:



    "This is hip-hop? To me this feels more like a breakbeat/house thing. I assume because you are adding a rap accapella, you think it's hip-hop, i don't know it sounds lovely anyways."

    AFAIK, FWIW, "Hip-Hop" is basically an umbrella term for a type of music, what I'd call the 'supergenre'. Breakbeat, Trip-Hop, some form of House, etc, I'd call 'sub-genres', that fall under the umbrella of Hip-Hop or Rap. Guess it just depends on what elements are emphasized in the song and "stand out" that gives it differing aspects to conform to one sub-genre or the other. IDK, you could argue it one way or another, cause it's somewhat subjective, but yeah--I realize and am aware that the song came out more like a House track than straight-up classic Hip-Hop. I wasn't trying to go for heavier elements like Old Skool (ex. the song "Jump" by Kris Kross), with the whiny, string-sound synth / arp and deep 808 bass 'boom-boom', lol. Song has too much percussion play, so yeah, it probably does err more on Breakbeat, like it's comin' straight outta Jet-Set Radio--but I did say that the genre was also Trip-Hop / Rap. "Adding a rap acapella" to it had nothing to do with my determination of its genre.

    Not saying any of this to slap down your comment, or be like "you're wrong", but for clarification. ^_^; Not pulling the "I'm Black so haha I know better" card either, (even though I am African-American and female, if people weren't aware.) Am always willing to learn more about music, but I did kinda grow up with this stuff (Rap and Hip-Hop, I mean)... xD My folks played "Straight Outta' Compton" (N.W.A.) as much as "Crazy Train" (Ozzy Osbourne) or "So What" (Miles Davis)...so I guess take it as whatever. Mostly (with) a grain of salt. xP

  4. Heya.

    I see there's a general poll up about source picks for MnP. Noticed there's a lack of a "both" or "either" option. I voted the 1st from preference, but TBH I wouldn't mind just vg music across the board, old or new school. As long as it has a MIDI found to work with, I don't think it's a big deal.

    Also plenty of songs from games I like that came out after 2010, (from Indie stuff like Blasphemous to mainstream like Dark Souls 3). 

    So, fwiw, I think one should be able to choose from any console era provided you can give us a source to work from. :) Cause I know some people here can translate songs to MIDIs fairly easily. Would be kind of a waste not to have the sheer breadth of choice or a change up due to era constraints.

  5. 42 minutes ago, anachromium said:

    Unfortunately no entry for me this time, even though the source screamed for some baroque-style-arranging. Maybe next time. Still looking forward to what you all got!

    You might get a kick out of mine then, (and have a lot to say about it.) It is a kind of dedication to the way you and Soup usually do your compositions, and I really enjoy the occasional orchestral piece. ;)

  6. Also, in case people don't know or understand what I meant by the vague inspiration from my genre choice for the song:

    The Glitch Mob is a trio electronica group. Song is slightly influenced from their earlier work like this album. Quite good stuff if you're interested. 

    Also sorry for the extremely short blurb for my song. Was pretty angry and slightly frustrated with it. Really love both songs but IDK. I found the process of splicing them together incredibly hard by comparison to other people's experience (as well as trying a new genre-blend, while trying to keep in the MnP spirit) and felt like autistic screeching was going on in my brain by the end of it.

    Seems to be the case I struggle with fusing songs together. Probably just something I need to work on. Hope people enjoy it nonetheless. o/ See y'all after the voting polls.

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