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  1. Just started my PRC entry today and had quick progress already. It won't be great but it's a source I personally love and a style I think I can manage well with by myself without anyone's help, so that feels somewhat good and fun to work with. Maybe a bit outdated in terms of sound and production, but maybe because of that it'll help bringing a more 2000s music forums vibe that somewhat fits the nostalgia for those of you who kept submitting for decades
  2. This is still more of an audible but unfinished and unpolished demo that had some unexpected shit happening during the time I was supposed to finish it, mostly related to the lack of a guitarist that led to a weird experiment replacing what was initially planned in the arrangmement as guitars to harps amped like if they were metal guitars (my most sincere praise to Kirina / Nicole for the time and work spent on that!). Eventually this will have real metal guitars and sound closer to the initial idea, but in case you @LifeDeleter or anyone else is interested, here's my arrangement/cover/whatever of this fantastic soundtrack: Featuring some talented musicians playing most of the instruments. I'm kinda happy with the arrangement but a pity the unexpected issues at literaly latest week (that was done for a monthly videogame music contest and had a deadline to finish it) and the mix was a disservice. Basically my idea is to focus on Riza's scenario, so this includes multiple sources like "Crime of the Heart" and "Flame and Arrow" as well as "Holidas in the Village" and some small pieces from one of the Final Battle themes. I wanted it to have both agressive and smooth parts, but because the unexpected turn of events I understand this probably turned a lot cheesier than intended. I hope it's still enjoyable for actual Rudra fans regardless
  3. Ugh, it saddens me a lot to see this now all of a sudden. Honestly I'm having a rough time in both personal and creative stuff and felt very discouraged for any music projects, to the point that I once considered to abandon and right now I'm having a similar internal debate about that. So I'm sorry I weren't any active in more PRC compos even when that was exactly my intention. In the other hand, I totally understand the lack of motivation of organizers to keep this thing alive seeing the lack of participation. Every month I have that feeling that whatever music I'm doing at the moment could be my latest work, and it's a really annoying and frustrating way to keep doing stuff, and I bet that's very much how people organizing this feels like too. Anyways I hope to have something done exclusively for PRC during these 2 months. Good or bad stuff or whatever, just to have some fun and contribute with something more.
  4. That's funny, because I initially planned to choose an even more obscure source, but I was afraid no one would get any interest so I finally went to what I considered a middle term (still obscure but not that much). And now seeing no entries for so long... if another week comes with no entries I'd like to choose a more popular source if that's possible. Also, I see a video is included but that's not from the original source version but a remix someone else did. Plus the game is not PS2 but SNES.
  5. Hey, sorry I'm a bit late, but just did my choice and sent a message to the e-mail adress you specified, since it's easier to send files this way. If I have the honor to choose a next source anytime again I hope that happens because own real merits next time
  6. Oh heck... hahaha! The first time I win any VGM compo, and that happening just because being the only "votable" participant, so embarrasing! Anyways, I hope people liked the arrangement regardless. I might participate in FFX Seymor as well, since I already ruined 2 FFX tunes before and I'm familiar enough with that source too. Also I'll think of some source for the next PRC tomorrow and will send the message with it then. You may expect some obscure 90s JRPG since that's pretty much my favorite type of game and OST, so that's a cool chance to invite others to do more of that :)
  7. Thanks @Tex! I joined the Discord and Remnscience solved my problem just as suggested, so I was finally to submit it myself. Since the compo has an extra week now, please somebody submit some (non-bonus) entry! It'd be embarrasing to win my first compo just because that being the only one Also expect me to participate there more often
  8. Well, just managed to finish a quick, poor arrangement of this iconic classic based in the CV4 version, and I wanted to register on ThaSauce site but couldn't finish the process to validate my account. Even though I specified that I'm older than 13 years old the confirmation mail I received looks like that typical thing that should be filled by a parent or tutor printed in paper and signed, which is a nonsense. For what I did read it seems entries can be submitted by just posting a link here so I hope someone can make it for me. It'd be cool if some admin can validate my account so next time I can submit it myself without giving anyone's extra work. This is my entry, titled as "Bleeding Ears Again - Attack of the Killer Mummy" (I guess you all castlemaniacs will get the references :P) Thanks! That was lots of fun! There's never enough remixes of this wonderful classic and soundtrack, I'll be happy to hear what others are doing too :)
  9. Wow! We don't see huge fans of such an obscure game everyday. This game and its soundtrack are sooo important for me... it's a matter of time I'll try to do something serious with it. Heck, if I had the time and the skill, I'd happily do a full tribute album with at least 10 or more tracks! Because I love it so much... Anyways, I'll tell you (whether MP or posting on tihs thread) whenever I finally dare to make something. In the meanwhile, you can search on the net for that album, "Chrysoprasos" by "Unions Jade", which has a bunch of covers all from that game and it's all good quality stuff. There's also "Februa" by another japanese circle, "Carmina Lunae". The former is mostly metal while the latter is a more chill, relaxing style. There's probably more stuff out there but I don't know of anything. If anyone knows that'd be cool to share :)
  10. A bunch of years later... Golden Sun still has not the ammounts of love it truly deserves, but fortunately there's far more than used to, including a few album tributes, so hopefully the situation will keep geting better for all those of us who love this game and its OST so much Of course first example coming to mind is the OCR album that finally seen the light of the (golden) sun a few years ago: https://ocremix.org/album/96/golden-sun-a-world-reignited There's also that album Pokérus did, which I highly recomend. Lots of varied stuff from all the 3 games (yes, even something from the third one!) https://pokerusproject.bandcamp.com/album/the-sun-sagas-a-musical-tribute-to-the-golden-sun-series This one is a bit "elusive" because for some unknown reason the authors tend change their Bandcamp's name and subdomain too often, but there's a nice epic, orchestral or whatever tribute covering a lot of the first game in order, somewhat like listening to the soundtrack of a series following the plot (a pity that ends in Kolima's forest, tho). https://mamasymphonia.bandcamp.com/album/momo-symphonia-legacy-pack There's also this giant collection with over 70 tracks (almost full soundtrack?) by TandA. These ones are pretty faithful to source, but I asume that's the intention and it sounds nice regardless: https://tanda-music.bandcamp.com/album/golden-sun-orchestral-arrangements If anyone wants to laugh a bit, and if you are brave enough for that, you can also listen to this crappy medley I did with all tunes related to Saturos and Menardi, which I called "Satunardi" (caution: this is more of a bad quality demo and the main instrument is... well, you'll notice that soon! :P) https://dodarchive.dwellingofduels.net/22-05-Battle/ZZ-Unknown Pseudoartist-Golden Sun-Satunardi (failed%2C incomplete FUUUUUUsion)-DoD.mp3
  11. Old thread, but just been checking the "remix requests" just in case there more of these 90s obscure JRPGs or other games I love so much. If you are still there, or anyone else is interested, this might fit more or less what you wanted: The full album is totally recommended, but it's a somewhat obscure project covering a rather obscure soundtrack, so good luck finding it other than that guy in Youtube. I'd love to try arranging something from that OST someday too.
  12. Hmmm... still 5 days for deadline, even though I already ruined Bloody Tears once I can probably punchfest something closer to the version in CV4. It might be fun. Really good choice :)
  13. Kweh! I didn't logged in here since the day I joined, so it's probably worth to finally say hello instead of leaving the profile in ghost mode. I'm Unknown Pseudoartist but many people calls me just "UPA" as abbreviation. Most likely no one ever heard of me here but I'm infamously known in Dwelling of Duels, a monthly videogame music contest, for invading that place with weird shitposts using a silly vocal style to replace the main melody/leads (a vocal style that eventually was called as "chocobo vocals" or "birb noises"). It wasn't my intention to actually get into music making in a serious way, but just ruining other people's works to make people laught and help making this world a funnier place for everyone. However, my pseudomusic was unexpectedly warmly welcome to that place and eventually, as I got the support of so many kind and talented artists, I discovered that I can also make my own arrangements and cool stuff with it, and so I started trying serious stuff too that goes far awary from that silly shitpost thing I started doing 3 years ago. So, among my many archievements in the VGM scene there's the invasion of DoD by a bunch of chocobos over arguably decent music and crawling a lot of people to do more of that same thing along with me, the release of a 3-part album with 30 tracks each that was released 3/3/23 featuring over 33 musicians after 3 years of experience on this thing, and now also getting my best serious/non-bird track rejected (in my honest opinion unfairly) in OCR including accusations of "anonymous troll". Anyways, I just though that maybe it's a good time to extend the birds invasion to OCR territory, and maybe people here will eventually have their brains and ears hurt enough to actually like that stuff, just like I succeded doing in DoD. If anyone is curious enough after reading that message, you can find most of my music stuff here: https://unknownpseudoartist.bandcamp.com/ For examples of both sides (shitpost and serious), here's the first/main part of that 3-discs album, including mostly VGM covers with that "chocobo vocal style" and a few serious/instrumental tracks in between: https://unknownpseudoartist.bandcamp.com/album/unknown-pseudoalbum And here's a mostly serious album that is basically a collection of VGM covers from old DBZ fighting games (all from the Butouden saga except the first one, from Ultimate Battle 22). All here is instrumental and serious except the latest 2 tracks and bonus tracks, so no need to be afraid of the birds . https://unknownpseudoartist.bandcamp.com/album/metal-dragons-a-tribute-to-dragon-ball-z-games Thanks in advance to anyone who dares to listen
  14. yo unknown pseudoartist! i dig your name. welcome.

    i'm somewhat the same, for the last decade. unknown anyway, but the pseudo part especially.



    sigh ;)

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