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  1. Damn, me and Wassup had the same idea, apparently...or at least a similar parallel.... 😕 Lol. XD
  2. C minor for Gaia Rock, right? Sorry it was in case you meant Cut Your Way. *EDIT: Nvm, I figured it out. XD
  3. Ty. I thought so, but I kept getting conflicting details between C min and A min. ^^;
  4. What key is the source in? ...Googling it isn't helping me with this or Cut Your Way. 😕
  5. I, too, am a huge fan of XIV. And am still actively playing the game. If this is still ongoing, let me know as well. I know it's the end of Shadowbringers now, but since I can't do any of the open world / town themes from it, I'm willing to do any from ARR forward that aren't yet taken. I'd have to see what's available and if getting a MIDI of the work is possible, but I am up for the challenge.
  6. Hey. Sorry I'm kinda bad at this and don't mean to be a dummy... But what key is the source in? (I can't tell solely by ear, yet...)
  7. Granstream Saga is a fantastic source... God, it brings back memories... ♥ It was my first PS1 game I ever bought, and I have found memories of it and Threads of Fate / Dewprism for that reason--being the first two RPGs for that system I played.
  8. @APZX Thanks, honestly. I'll be sure to listen to it, and try to understand. Admittedly, about 40% of everything you said sunk in... The rest? I'm unsure and I'll probably have to read up more on it or watch YT vids. I'm not as adept as you or Gamer or the others with composition crafting. And don't even get me started on music theory or spouting off music vocab, besides simple things like...what mezzo-forte is, or a rest is, or a whole note... Ya know, baby's first band class shit. I barely got to grips with hertz, decibels and EQ not long ago, lol... The help goes a long way but a good portion ATM is going r/whoosh over my head. Sadly, a lot of me EQing and modifying music quality and balance is by ear. It's what sounds good to me, which may or may not sound good to the wider public and only way I know otherwise is through poor scores, critique and occasionally, asking someone I know what they think of a song before I release it. Otherwise, I wouldn't know. And I don't have the necessary acumen or huge depth of knowledge yet to sidechain compress my way to victory, because I barely know what that is (or was.) I don't have a teacher or someone to shadow under, like an apprenticeship. Don't think it's needed? Hmm... TL;DR: I guess for subsequent songs on these compos I can try my best, but they're going to probably sound like shit. But I guess it's no worse than what I pull off currently, which doesn't fly either. And yeah, I think I suck at making music, but it is what it is, lol. I suffer from extremely low self-esteem so I can say that about anything I touch. But, again, thanks for the tips and I'm honestly going to do my best to understand all of this advice. Got me scratching my head a bit, but guess I'm a quick enough learner.
  9. *Looks at the scores* Yikey-crikey-rooney... Bottom of the barrel. ...Seems like I don't do very well with MnP, lol. Congrats BTW, Col, since Harlem didn't get to vote. @APZX Hint noted. And kick was slightly right and drums left to balance sound. Didn't want drums and bass to overwhelm everything but still wanted them loud. Read up that panning and compression helps that, especially in electronica where so much shit can be loud at the same time. So IDK. Tempo changes fell through like I thought they would anyways, so song didn't have a hope in hell regardless. XD
  10. BTW, FWIW, I think some people voiced in the comments/critiques that they didn't get the vocal / beginning & ending references in my remix, or the song title... It comes from the fairly popularly meme'd and infamous scene/line of kinda stilted dialogue between two major characters in the newer Godzilla (2014) movie, the first one that restarted the big "MonsterVerse" franchise under Legendary Pictures: Sorry if it was a bit too obscure and I lost points or something with it...
  11. Mine's in, albeit like 40 minutes late. Yes, BandLab is epic in total suckage because it has no ingrained ability to slow down or speed up tempo, so I had to literally take the song, replicate it between several different files, and try to splice it back together with the variant speeds and key changes... ...*shrugs*...I tried. I'm probably going to switch to an actual DAW rather than the online thing, because it's busting my proverbial and metaphorical balls almost every single time I try to produce/compose something, and I'd rather not have a near-mental breakdown every time I make a song, lol.
  12. I'll try to get mine in on time, but BandLab keeps crashing / lagging with processing the song...
  13. Mine will be in soon... Been extremely busy with project after music project, so apologies if it's a bit meh or whatever. 😕
  14. Oh, hot damn... Well, admittedly, I haven't (yet) played the definitive edition of the game that came out for free on PSN / PS4+ not that long ago, but I have played and listened to the soundtracks of similar-genre'd games in the same vein as Hollow Knight (e.g. the Souls-Borne games, Code: VEIN, Remnant: From the Ashes, Salt & Sanctuary, Blasphemous, Shovel Knight and, ofc, the Game Boy Advance / DS Castlevania games, to name a few I suppose.) So I'd have to play and/or take a further listen into Hollow Knight itself (and, hell, Hades, for that matter), but I'm practically salivating to try my chops at making something towards this album. I've only really dipped my hands into composing music like...meh, it's about a year anniversary come September, so 10 1/2 months? But I'd want to see this come into fruition either way! Pitch be damned! It should totes get an album. Games like it are wonderful gems and should have that time in the spotlight, IMO.
  15. Hmm... ...Any idea on how to transpose the piece from 12 bpm to about 140 bpm without it sounding like a crushed mess? 0_o;
  16. Well...mine's in too. ^^; Decided to go for this one. Thoroughly enjoyed doing this, although it was the biggest, most exhausting, and massive music composing headache I've ever had, LOL.
  17. Hey, just an update: Thanks you two so much for your kind words and lots of advice. I had taken the liberty of looking up some general tutorials on YT about it, as well as read that article @Wassup Thunderlinked, and it's been extremely insightful and thought-provoking, and I learned quite a bit just with doing the more basic stuff and trying to re-wrap my head around the theory of it all. It's actually nice to put some of my (probably really old, we're talking 6th - 8th grade...) band experience back into play with the current composition I'm working on which is orchestral and me trying to strengthen melody / harmony. Trying to get used to reading sheet music again...(got all that crap from playing flute, keyboard and guitar lying around...although the latter two was me faffing about and the 1 course of it I took up in undergrad uni, respectively, TBH, so it ain't much.) And yeah, took up your ideas too @HarlemHeat360. Thankfully, I really like old classical music like Mozart and Bach. xD Had to take it up for band class, and it grew on me over time. Just, I always used that stuff to relax to, never really study and take a fine-tooth comb to. Suffice it to say, yeah, listening to some of it really helped to understand what you meant. I also listened to stuff from John Williams, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and some other peeps, just big-name epic film scores like "The Theme from Jurassic Park" and "He's A Pirate" (Pirates of the Caribbean) to also get a feel on that from that perspective. Some real good shit. But thanks again. Any more advice or insight is also welcome. ❤️
  18. Cool. ^^ I'll try to have something by the end of this month / beginning of August. Currently trying to make something for the PRC round ATM. 😧
  19. Hey guys, Dunno how to go about asking this, but I noticed a few colleagues of mine do this quite readily and frequently in MnP and PRC, and it has been recently brought to my attention in some criticism of my work in recent rounds...and this may sound real stupid or asinine to ask, but what is a good way to write counter-melodies or additional / extra harmony lines to a remix from a VG midi? At the moment I don't have a MIDI controller / keyboard to hand, but I am a bit at a loss for the technique of doing it. Been told with some of my work I don't explore melodies or harmonies enough?--or at the very least, they can be a bit underwhelming because I'm just using what I'm given, pretty straightforwardly. And it's getting to a point where no matter the additional content I slap onto a remix, be it a loop, a unique VST choice, or a sample / SFX, it isn't seemingly...IDK what's the right words...I guess bringing out enough potential in whatever I'm working on. Want to see if anybody has some tips or tricks in making them, like I'm unsure...maybe breaking down whatever melody or harmony is already in the music and rearranging notes and stuff enough for it to go parallel with what's there, and enhance the experience, so to speak. I figure this is the natural next step in trying to learn how to make music, trying to put your unique spin on it... So yeah, if anybody has anything that would be helpful.
  20. @Black Chakram EDM & Synthwave, huh? And an excellent source pick, seeing as that one apparently has never been remixed on the site, (can barely find any online, period)! Alrighty, I'll bite. Wanna see what I can do with this cool bit of music, (I also like the game Adventure of Link despite being the weird red-headed stepchild of the Zelda franchise.)
  21. @Bundeslang Yeah no problem. I'll send the original mp3 file I used as the submission next time I'm on my PC.
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