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  1. Big congrats to @Wassup Thunder; well-deserved, my man! Souperion mentioned Contra about your song--that was the other thing I couldn't put my finger on about it, in which it reminded me of, besides stuff like Starship Troopers. xD Also, noticed a lot of mention about the samples I used in my track. Yeah... ^^; I was really honing in on that sort of 1970s-80s old sci-fi / action TV show motif. The kinda long-winded (I suppose), majority use of dialogue comes from the entire opening of the 1973 - 1978 show called The Six Million Dollar Man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Six_Millio
  2. Vote in. Good luck, ya'll. o/ See ya soon. ♥
  3. I'm special like that. Probably not in a complimentory way! XD
  4. I submitted with ONE minute left to spare... ...I really need to stop giving myself a heart attack and little to no time to even put my thoughts together. xD But I think it turned out basically how I wanted it, minus an addition at the end I had an idea for but had to scrap.
  5. It really does. I had a real hard time choosing a song from the OST for this, it was either Inner Darkside, Iyazoi, My Dear D and one other...but I hedged my bets on Inner cause TBH it was the song that really got me going and bobbing my head while slashing enemies apart. The stage the song's in is pretty spooky and cool / interesting graphically as well! Look it up on YouTube sometime! I think it's Stage 3 or so, (after the horse ride and fighting your way past the guards and stuff to get deep into the facility they're in)... :3
  6. Vote's in. Sadly, still haven't finished my BONUS song...but after hearing what the contestants submitted, it kind of blew my idea out of the water and killed it. xD I might try and keep at it over this week, but I have a feeling the original intent for it will change up to a different genre entirely. Just need to figure out what to do... D:
  7. Oooo, Rise of the Robots! I had recently watched a "Wha' Happun'?" episode on it by Matt McMuscles on his YT channel. So the wonky history about the game I actually know about! The song is pretty cool! :0 ...Would need a big think how to squish both together somehow... :3 BTW @TheVideoGamer, you got a bit of a typo on mine. It's from Shinobi III, you're missing an I. XD
  8. Wow, I love this. :0 I never played Turrican before, but I have heard little bits and pieces about it. But the song itself sounds like the game would be pretty damned cool and fun to play! Dude kinda looks like RoboCop too. XD ♥ I'm guessing it's an action-platformer, so would be fun to try out someday.
  9. Haha, thanks guys, and also congrats to Video. ♡ I think I've picked what I want for the next source to use. I'm a bit torn between three songs, but I'll make sure they haven't been OC Remixed yet and have my pick sent to TVG no later than tomorrow afternoon / evening.
  10. I really look forward to voting now! Also, I'll try to work more on my bonus entry and hopefully have something to show for it before the voting period is up. I'd also like to take a stab at this song cause it's real groovy. ;0
  11. @Souperion It's actually a normal level song. From my memory, it's one of the first songs you get to hear cause it's from like, level 2 or 3 of the first world, where it's basically a tutorial world. I know it and 'Zip' are like some of the first level songs. I'm sorry to say guys, I was working on a bonus entry but I'm sitting this one out. I'd still like to finish what I started and I will probably post it here so people can listen and comment if they'd like, but I'd rather not rush it and do the song no justice. I got busy with other stuff and physically sick a few times over the last
  12. Mine's in. I really like Kirby stuff. Didn't want to miss this opportunity. ♡ BTW it said there was like 9 hrs left to submit a song. I think the deadline was accidentally set to 10 or 11pm instead of 1pm today (unless 10pm was the intended due time). XD
  13. Congrats @anachromium. And GJ to everyone else.
  14. Also, just for clarification: The record crackling and sound of a needle dropping are done purposefully in my song (it's not it hitting vol ceilings or artifacting). Although I made the joke about band class, I wanted to give the song an 'authentic' feel to it, like old mono phonographs and record players. Was me kind of remembering the old days when my folks would play old jazz and blues from RCA and Atlantic record labels back in the day. I feel old now... xD >.<;
  15. I think I might parody it a bit... >_>; Gonna have fun with this. ♡
  16. Woot. Quite a few people in this time. See y'all after voting. o/ ♡
  17. @Wassup Thunder Hey! Nah, it's way less the factor of I "don't like the critiques". I am very grateful to get them!--I think my issue is, like you said, addressing them adequately to learn better technique and, thusly, grow in skill. It was simply I noticed that dissonance is a big flaw for the moment, and I'm just trying to sit here and think of ways to fix it (or be able to). I think the problem is there's a lot of sampling I have to work with, so yeah. Yes, BandLab / Cakewalk does have it where if you right-click on a sample, you can change the pitch, (sharpen or flatten)--unsur
  18. I also feel real stupid asking, as most people probably grasped this off the bat, considering key sig and tone is music 101...
  19. Ah I see. Sorry it took me awhile to reply. I do have a question though for everyone, but unsure if anything can be done about it. I see an overwhelming amount of commentary on my work so far be concerned or bring up the problematic aspect of key sig issues, abrupt changes and dissonance in my songs. I'm not sure how to rectify it. I can't really "ear" it, it seems. And, after getting back a first-time rejection letter from OCR yesterday (didn't make it past the first peer review), same thing applies--and I don't know how to fix that, whether it's discrepancies between MIDI and
  20. @TheVideoGamer I'll keep that DAW you mention, LMMS, in mind. TBH starting next month or something I might try the move to using more legitimate DAW to work with. Just wish I had a MIDI keyboard and pads to work with lol. Feel off with a typing keyboard and mouse.
  21. Thanks everyone for the support and critiques--will do my best to try and be more intricate with harps / pizzicatos / arpeggio runs and be more aware of tempo / key signature shifts. It's really hard for me, at least, to temper that latter aspect, especially when working with 2-3 separate sources PLUS the loops in BandLab Online. Guess my ears for certain tones and keys just needs more practice. ^^; Also gonna send my pick to @Bundeslang in like the next few minutes. Hope people enjoy it. :3 @anachromium You're certainly welcome. ♥ Your criticism (nor anyone else's) was too harsh or
  22. @TheVideoGamer Bandlab Online -- sadly I don't have the money to get FL Studio and the like. I do have Cakewalk downloaded, but standard DAWs for me, ATM, is very intimidating to look at. BLO kind of has a bit of the training wheels look with simplified DAW, but the sacrifice is no good instrument VSTs and you're using their loops and stuff unless you find you own .wavs online. It's all royalty free so no laws broken, but my hands are tied to limited things using it, I know. Also yeah I think I saved my song for the highest, best MP3 it could do. I thought it was less than 20 mb
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