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  1. It's viable. I approve of it. Sorry. Like I said I was mostly kidding, with the exception being I really do look forward to listening to the full thing...
  2. Wasn't meaning it in a bad way. xD Just very impressive. ♥
  3. JEEZ... Wow that's going well and above AND beyond the call of duty, Gamer! Wait full OSTs count? That's like over 3 songs. >_> Bruh! Still tho, can't wait to listen to it since I like Jet Set Radio's aesthetic. :3
  4. Yeah you know what fuck it let's do it. As soon as it hits 24 hrs left on the PRC imma make a Castlevania remix. Won't be the one I promised but I promised one nonetheless. I can handle remixing ONE midi at least. XD
  5. Might upload a 3rd. Maybe do a challenge to make a complete song in 24 hrs. XD
  6. I think a lot of truth rings in that. Who we are, what we are, and how we grew up will affect us with everything we do, not just songwriting. I know it affects the way I write fiction and draw, for example. And Thunder's analogy is real good as well. I think, indeed, we just have to keep making cakes. To add to that metaphor, basically, when you start out producing music (especially I'd figure the first year or two), it's gonna be like baking a cake at 10 years old. It's gonna be messy. It's gonna look like absolute shit. Hell, it might not even be edible!--however, as you do it, you'll start
  7. Nevermind I managed a way around it and finally was able to sign out and login under a different user name to do it. xD
  8. @Bundeslang Welp, I can't log out of Compoverse to try Gamer's suggestion. . . And, unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of having my songs be downloadable in public on the Internet (even though I am aware there's plenty of workarounds people can do to that.) Unsure what to do? I have a 2nd song I'd like to post up but it's got a blurb for it and Compoverse isn't playing nicely it seems.
  9. Also, here's the examples of how somehow, even with different genres, my drum & bass are pretty much stylistically similar: Hardcore / Techno: Orchestral / Electronic: ACTUAL Lo-Fi / Hip-Hop: New Age / Jazz (the one that seems to have been poorly executed): There's more in my SoundCloud of various stuff I've done so far, but yeah. . . It all seems to carry the same undertones, and everybody keeps describing every song as such. D:
  10. Hey, kinda wanted to jump into this conversation because it seems interesting and I think I can add my own '2 cents' to it. I just started 'producing' music around early Sept 2020, and I can agree and feel a lot of what all of you are saying, even if I am new to this. I've noticed, between what I've submitted to MnP Compos and a music mix songwriting challenge this past December that, although I do try to branch out and 'conquer' different genres of music, be it New Age (the theme of the songwriting challenge), Synthwave, Hardcore, Techno, Rock--what have you--I always get the same commen
  11. NP, I'll color inside the lines, just the colors might be hot magenta pinks and blues. >_>
  12. I agree with AP, but I'm gonna try my best. Is 130bpm OK? It's not as fast as I'd like it (160bpm), but might be able to do some weird Sonic / Nightcore hybrid for the song.
  13. Ya know, that might be an interesting angle to take Magical Dreamers.... >_> Especially if my first idea falls through. Happy Hardcore. Would have to watch my tempo tho so not to break the rules.
  14. I'll hit ya up then on that offer. I'm mixed between putting any in this time around, but I'm happy to grab some free mp3 or wav vox if you got em, for future use. Bandlab's are fun and all but admittedly some are just plain bad and most are only good for rave or techno or nightcore type stuff cause it's kind of high pitched, chipmunk squeak. Works sometimes, but agreeably, need to broaden my palette.
  15. @Dextastic Would be an interesting challenge to see if you don't fall into doing electric guitars for the main parts like the song leads / encourages to use. Just like apparently I shouldn't fall to using vocals / vox every time / every song.
  16. Ah, found the midi on the site... Sad thing is, as much as I love this song and every other song from the Chrono series, I'm unsure if I'll be able to pull anything off with this on Bandlab Online. It's probably the most complex midi I've worked with... Possibly too complex for my novice self. Not quite sure what to do with it. :/ Outside of limited instrumentals from the midi side I'm almost always working with loops, and outside of extremely simplistic samples, I'm stuck.
  17. Vote's in. Hope it made it, (said it did). I saved a Notepad file of it just in case.
  18. I'll make my vote tonight. ...still tired and pooped from all the cooking I did for Xmas dinner. XD
  19. Heya! I'll let this be my first time joining in on the PRC fun. Think I'll stick to VG remixes, but put a unique spin on whatever themes / sources I use. Will be my first time conglomerating songs together across a series of games to make 1 song. Hope it works out. >_<
  20. I mean, I love the entire SoulBlazer trilogy and played all the games (even though my first and favourite by rose-tinted shades is Illusion of Gaia.) I like the Tears of Lance (Sad Theme) from Gaia, and always thought the Terra theme from Terranigma was jazzy. As well as Angkor Wat being oddly one of my favourite place themes out of the trilogy. So I wouldn't mind a round dedicated to the three games.
  21. Welp, that's mine in, in a few minutes. @Souperion & @HoboKaThank you, so much, for the opportunity to remix this song. It truly is beautiful. Never noticed it when I did play Secret of Mana. I'm glad I got to notice it now. ♥
  22. Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out what to do for 2 different songs due basically back to back, this and one for a songwriter contest. Feels so intimidating, again, lol. (In a good way--gotta step up the game.)
  23. Well, here's three hearts: ♥♥♥, to along with those cookies, for VG, Soup and Hobo. Anyone else can have some hearts too, IDM. @HoboKaIt's all cool. :3 @SouperionDon't worry about it. But thank you for understanding the sentiment. Nothing like a good paradigm shattering to get one's butt into gear, though. Look where it's got you now! It's not at all conceited. Like I said before, everyone deserves what they got and everyone deserves a big round of applause for some excellent stuff. ...Now I am just itching to start on the new MnP. >.> You picked a good one, e
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