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  1. ...Mine's in too... ^^; ...Kinda scared how much me and Gamer has been of like minds these past few rounds in both MnP and PRC...kek. xD
  2. Also, nice pick @Wassup Thunder. Never heard of Magical Starsign before... ...Think it might be time for some experimentation again... I sense a hip-hop / trap beat with lyrical work possibly in the near future.
  3. Heya. I see there's a general poll up about source picks for MnP. Noticed there's a lack of a "both" or "either" option. I voted the 1st from preference, but TBH I wouldn't mind just vg music across the board, old or new school. As long as it has a MIDI found to work with, I don't think it's a big deal. Also plenty of songs from games I like that came out after 2010, (from Indie stuff like Blasphemous to mainstream like Dark Souls 3). So, fwiw, I think one should be able to choose from any console era provided you can give us a source to work from. Cause I know some people here can translate songs to MIDIs fairly easily. Would be kind of a waste not to have the sheer breadth of choice or a change up due to era constraints.
  4. By the by, uh...wasn't MMX4 and onwards on PS1? I know X4 through 6 are cause I own them, and I think 7 and 8 are PS2... Correct me if I'm wrong. XD I saw SNES and it confused me.
  5. You might get a kick out of mine then, (and have a lot to say about it.) It is a kind of dedication to the way you and Soup usually do your compositions, and I really enjoy the occasional orchestral piece.
  6. Mine's in. :3 Was both a wild ride and an absolute joy of a song to work with. ♥ 3/4 time signature is nuts to try to do anything with, but hopefully thinking outside the box has done its fair do.
  7. Bb Minor huh? ...Wack. I'll have a go then. ♡
  8. What key is the song in? -- Just so I know when trying to work with loops and stuff in it.
  9. Also, in case people don't know or understand what I meant by the vague inspiration from my genre choice for the song: The Glitch Mob is a trio electronica group. Song is slightly influenced from their earlier work like this album. Quite good stuff if you're interested. Also sorry for the extremely short blurb for my song. Was pretty angry and slightly frustrated with it. Really love both songs but IDK. I found the process of splicing them together incredibly hard by comparison to other people's experience (as well as trying a new genre-blend, while trying to keep in the MnP spirit) and felt like autistic screeching was going on in my brain by the end of it. Seems to be the case I struggle with fusing songs together. Probably just something I need to work on. Hope people enjoy it nonetheless. o/ See y'all after the voting polls.
  10. Big congrats to @Wassup Thunder; well-deserved, my man! Souperion mentioned Contra about your song--that was the other thing I couldn't put my finger on about it, in which it reminded me of, besides stuff like Starship Troopers. xD Also, noticed a lot of mention about the samples I used in my track. Yeah... ^^; I was really honing in on that sort of 1970s-80s old sci-fi / action TV show motif. The kinda long-winded (I suppose), majority use of dialogue comes from the entire opening of the 1973 - 1978 show called The Six Million Dollar Man: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Six_Million_Dollar_Man. Most people probably would recognize it more-so from the "waahaaananananana" noise that comes from the bionic stuff he does, which gets parodied a lot in media--like when someone who's uber strong or a cyborg does a punch or kick, and that ends up being the sound effect (ex: was used I think in Metal Gear Solid V when Big Boss uses his cyborg arm to punch people.) TBH I did, before the big cuts, have an idea to incorporate more action noises and sound effects like that into the song, but was worried it'd be "too much SFX"--and it kind of ended up being too much anyways with the dialogue present. xD I'm trying to perfect striking that sweet balance between vox and music, but I guess sometimes that mark gets missed, LOL. And yes...yup...being the big goofy fan of all the '80s schlock that be, Wassup was right. I did use a RoboCop sample--when Murphy states the 3 (technically 4) main directives as part of his new programming from OCP: 1.) Serve the public trust; 2.) Protect the innocent; 3.) Uphold the law. ...I had to put that in there. Turrican reminded me too much of the look, premise and feel of RoboCop not to. Glad that some of the vox samples at least were entertaining though. >.<; And yeah that was an extremely close round. Thought mine was a bit too on the nose, TBH, but I gladly wanted to commit fully to the synthwave / cyberpunk aesthetic, points be damned. Love the genre too much. xDDD
  11. Vote in. Good luck, ya'll. o/ See ya soon. ♥
  12. I'm special like that. Probably not in a complimentory way! XD
  13. I submitted with ONE minute left to spare... ...I really need to stop giving myself a heart attack and little to no time to even put my thoughts together. xD But I think it turned out basically how I wanted it, minus an addition at the end I had an idea for but had to scrap.
  14. It really does. I had a real hard time choosing a song from the OST for this, it was either Inner Darkside, Iyazoi, My Dear D and one other...but I hedged my bets on Inner cause TBH it was the song that really got me going and bobbing my head while slashing enemies apart. The stage the song's in is pretty spooky and cool / interesting graphically as well! Look it up on YouTube sometime! I think it's Stage 3 or so, (after the horse ride and fighting your way past the guards and stuff to get deep into the facility they're in)... :3
  15. Vote's in. Sadly, still haven't finished my BONUS song...but after hearing what the contestants submitted, it kind of blew my idea out of the water and killed it. xD I might try and keep at it over this week, but I have a feeling the original intent for it will change up to a different genre entirely. Just need to figure out what to do... D:
  16. Oooo, Rise of the Robots! I had recently watched a "Wha' Happun'?" episode on it by Matt McMuscles on his YT channel. So the wonky history about the game I actually know about! The song is pretty cool! :0 ...Would need a big think how to squish both together somehow... :3 BTW @TheVideoGamer, you got a bit of a typo on mine. It's from Shinobi III, you're missing an I. XD
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