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  1. Full-Length Song: Rave Racer + Lufia 2 - "Tekno-Saviour ~ The One Who Will Fight to the Last Duel"
  2. UPDATE: So, apparently, Compoverse does not agree with the length of my song. I tested this out by uploading a different song, that's about 4-5 mins long, and it worked just fine. So anything over ~8 mins and Compoverse says no to it. So what I am going to do is upload a shorter version of the song, but follow it with the longer SoundCloud version, which I'll re-post up here.
  3. Right, sooooo ... it's still buggy AF. I'll opt to do it the alternative way for now. I've uploaded the song as an MP3 file and the blurb for it, etc, to my SoundCloud--also with the ability to download the file. I'll continue to try to upload it to Compoverse because maybe it's just having a go for the moment. Otherwise unsure how to fix it, but this is all I can do for now. ♥
  4. Thank you so much! ♥♥♥ Hopefully it'll work this time--if it freaks out again I'll let you know.
  5. And then it booted me from it entirely. LOL. Is there any way to re-open it or turn it in at this stage? I tried for the past 10 mins prior to it being due, and like I said, it kept giving me a weird error screen no matter what I did to try and force it to work.
  6. I am trying to turn mine in but it keeps giving me this screen: IDK what to do... It's past the allotted time now. :/
  7. Congrats Soup! And a huge well and good job to everyone else! :3 ♡
  8. I got my vote in. But I'll reiterate what I've said 1000 times over in my critique. None of it is meant to be mean or dissy. I loved all your work, as I usually do. Just this time I had to be a little more nick-picky and arsey, I guess for lack of a better term, because of that. It's all good and so different from the source, and as usual, I like it and respect the hustle. Hope whatever I said in my critiques is helpful tho. All I wanna do is at the very least be helpful. >_<;
  9. Once I am done with this composition for the VGM challenge going on on Newgrounds, gonna have fun with this one. 1 song mixed with both and a bonus source from Lufia II. Probably is going to be 90% MIDI work (first time). ...And only 16 tracks I can work with. Let's see if the uber excitement, over confidence (and pain) pays off, shall we? XD @Wassup Thunder I'm sure whichever you picked, song'll be fantastic.
  10. Me three. And now my brain is uber mush. Song's real complex and full as it is, let alone adding stuff to it. xD
  11. Congrats Thunder, and great compositions from everyone else who participated. Looking forward to 421 and 422!
  12. Love this song. Left a comment on the Cloud. ♥
  13. @Wassup Thunder HM! Sorry I had to think on this one. When I was thinking of something for Halcyon Hare, TBPH, the thing I was thinking of was the Primal fight against Tsukuyomi in FFXIV. Long story short, crazy lady turns into a big bunny-eared goddess that uses the power of moonlight and darkness to kill you, mostly with her pipe, fans, and two long katana blades. It's a real fun fight. But converting that to a Maverick--if I could've--I'd figure the received weapons for X & Zero would be along those lines. Maybe a ray beam for X (that can bounce around the area), and the charg
  14. @TheVideoGamer Dude... Damn you've got good tastes. IDK if this is just freakin' coincidence or a beautiful freak accident, but I'm already excited to try these together. Somehow the choices are damn-near perfect, and operatic too? Yass, love it. ♥
  15. @anachromium Man, if I could, I would--but it's been so many years since I've touched acoustic guitar or flute I would probably fail pretty hard on it without substantial practice. Kinda wish I never sold my old band flute TBH. Acoustic guitar also needs new strings. @TheVideoGamer Woot. \o/ I mean mine's pretty experimental, but I thank you specifically for the inspiration. ♥
  16. Phew. Mine's in. ...With 20 minutes to spare. xD
  17. Best of luck to you, hon. Just take it easy for a bit, eh? ♥
  18. Same here. Trying out a new subset genre of sorts (haven't tried it yet.) Hope it comes out decent. D:
  19. Hey there. TYSM for the congrats guys, but TBH, it's all of you who should get the biggest congrats. Those were some damned good songs, and I really did have a terrible time picking and choosing amongst the lot. No one song, to me, was "bad", even if a WIP / old project. So congrats all around. @Dextastic TY for the deeper bit of criticism on Catamitus. I'll take it into account with the rest and possibly do a remaster or fidget with it before publishing it fully. @HoboKa It's no problem at all. Was my sincerest pleasure to try to give everyone in-depth critique! Hope they're
  20. Welp, my vote is in now. Took nearly 4 hrs worth of study, thought and a lot of re-reading to make sure I wasn't stumbling over my own train, but it's all there. Sorry if it's lengthy, but I wanted to give credit where credit was due. ♥
  21. BTW, This is some additionals to my blurb for my Aquarius remix song, if anyone wants to know and is informative as food for thought. Not necessary to look at for voting, just thought it might be helpful and interesting to know :
  22. @Bundeslang The blurb for my Halcyon Hare Stage seems to have disappeared from the PRC submission...? O.o; Guess it kind of went a bit funky cause they all seem to be under my name now, solely, without 1 or 2 behind them. In case it messed up somehow I'll just post it here rather than re-submit the song: This is a bit of a showcase piece to go along with 'The Rain Won't Stop the Beat'. Aesthetically, it is practically a sister-tune to it (insofar as a more Eastern / Japanese beat). But practically in every other way, it's far different, in tone and tempo. It's like...the Yi
  23. And my final entry is done. Was really hard to do, and frustrating--but it's in. D:
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