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  1. Hey. No, you didn't insult me. I took a step back and re-analyzed what you said. I am soaking in everything, trust me. It just sounds like I'm a bit hot and annoyed, but am seeking to learn and listen, and sometimes I sound rough and angry at that person giving the commentary due to it. If anything, I'm being tough and annoyed at myself, not you. *Big hugs* It's cool, we're all awkward af. It's why we be here congregating and all. I understand where you're coming from and listening. I take all of this in good faith. Thanks again taking the time out to clarify to the max like you di
  2. I understand. I figured it was mainly about the length, and I agree. I had some reservation about its length in making it, but figured I'd try and see where it went. But thank you for your kind words. I'll see what I can do next time to curb the enthusiasm on the length, (so far a lot of what I've made is too long, for what it's worth.) But understandable. Thanks for clarifying.
  3. Whoa, OK, I think one of us got off on the wrong foot. I am unsure what you're trying to say here. I had nothing against his stylistic choice, and--for that matter--love Mick Gordon's work with Doom (which is obviously where the inspiration came from). We all came from some stylistic choice that requries some form of discipline or know-how to achieve, so trying to say "only real musicians and music aficionados will probably understand" is a bit of an umbrella misnomer that is sounding, sorry...a bit borderline pretentious? As someone coming from art and writing, that's almost equivalent o
  4. BTW I didn't rip the midi. I literally had to input each note and adjust its length manually, with a mouse, and no keyboard. I looked at a piano reel on YT to get the 3-4 track basis of the song, and doubled it for more instrumentation. I struggled like hell to get the midi to function with everyone else but people heard the slight drag (with the sax especially), regardless. I tried to take that weakness and turn it into a strength to make it feel like an almost realistic jazzy sax playing over the rest of the song but...I guess not. Oh well I tried. xD Also I am unsure what was mean
  5. Hm... Maybe it's a good time to ask the question, since part of my perplexity since yesterday followed some of the comments I received on my work. ...Where exactly did I go wrong? Sorry, I am not trying to offend in saying this, but I see most peeps praising Nick's work for near the exact reason why mine was downplayed and frowned on some. The "it's way out there and wack", "non-conservative" approach, but mine fell short by comparison and I am at odds in trying to rake my brain and track to see why. I agree with Hobo's assessment about the discordant sound from 5:00, but am unsure how or
  6. This is fantastic and love the remixed SNES-style songs (wish there were a few for Zoda's Revenge as well)! Really wish the game had more love than it had gotten and went on to have successful sequels from there on out. (Would've been fun to maybe control Micha or to be able to switch characters in a Secret of Mana / Illusion of Gaia-style, or something in later installments!) Brings back great childhood memories. Thanks for the share! I'll keep it in mind next time I peruse BandCamp for sure.
  7. A big GJ to those who won; congrats to everyone who participated. Still open for more in-depth critique if anyone wants it. Sorry for the late / small response. A bit in the perplexed range today, lol.
  8. My votes are in. I did comment on my choices from 1st to 3rd in a generalized, overall way, but if further, deeper analysis / critique is needed or wanted by the artist, I can post them here after a re-listen or two. ♥
  9. I am unsure what to say other than thank you, for the words of confidence and motivation. ♥ If nothing else, at least I'm in good company. But I hear ya'll, and will take your words to heart. ^^ And try to keep them all in mind for future reference when I'm low and the cards are down. Yay, soon it'll be vote time. :0
  10. Ah, sorry, I can redact or edit my post if necessary. I wasn't really meaning to say any one person's song is better than anyone else's before voting time--it's just me being a party pooper on my own party. xD ...In the respect that, simply, if I had more skill I'd I guess be more adventurous. Apologies. Wasn't trying to cause a bias against my own or for favor of other's work, other than to say everything up there so far, even the non-voter ones are good and am glad the turn out is, uh...damn what's a good word. Formidable? And creative. Sorry, too, cause I was under the impression othe
  11. Yikes... The competition is fierce from the looks of things... Guess I've got my work cut out for me. Makes me feel like I should withdraw or work on it more, but at the same time feels like I can't do much more with it. ...Really jealous of Soup's now. :/ If I had more skill I would've done Phendandra Drifts or Chozo Ruins in a similar tribal motif... >_<
  12. Man...this is the kind of shit I'd listen to if I was playing Subnautica, frankly. The simultaneous vibe of wonder and awe of the depths of an ocean, clashing against the sheer mystery and fear of being in it is well-encapsulated here. I really love the background 'bubbling' and 'swirling' sfx lying behind the melody. The piano and harp are beautiful, and I'm not saying that facetiously. Honestly can't tell what's a midi and what's a possible loop here, but it's all melding pretty well so far. However, here are my quibbles, as I call 'em: 1) Jesus Christ, did I want more choir,
  13. Oh damn... A lower Maridia song. ♥ I'll have a listen to it a few times today, see what I can comment on. I'm not wholly well-versed in music production / compo lingo, at the moment, but I'll try my best to shine some insight on it based on experience listening to the original song and whatever this remix's genre is.
  14. Hey Souperion, Thank you so, so much for your input. ♥ Ah yeah, I just had a listen to the places you've described and their associated issues. 1:50 (and it's similar transitions) were kind of inspired by '90s R&B, where they started mixing a bit of lo-fi / rap / hip-hop-style vinyl scratches and skips to separate segments of the song, especially when the tempo or beat had a change-up (e.g. groups like Toni, Tony, Tone and singers like Kool Moe Dee and Tone Loc used to do that in some of their songs. It's a very hip-hop thing to do, by comparison to the jazz / funk melody.) It ca
  15. Yeah I can try. TY. This is the full song (afaik): And this is what I took from it, which is simply the acapella / mixdown version of the Devola and Popola lyrics to it: I can no longer find the non-instrumental version of the song, but it's really complicated. People who played NieR would understand it better than I, but Song of the Ancients has about 3 different versions, and 3 different voices entwined, with Devola and Popola being the main ones, but they sing different lyrics. Fate and Atonement are the major instrumental versions of the song, unsure
  16. TY!!! I made it myself. :3 ♥ Ooo, yeah, big Square-E fan here too. It's been literal years since I played a Parasite Eve game, but my god, was the soundtrack good. ^^ But then again Square rarely lets you down with their music, even if their plots and stories are sometimes waffley and weird. Already started on the MnP for Metroid song here, but man, are midis an assache to play around with.
  17. Ooooooooooo... METROID, yassss. My favorite game franchise ever (next to Castlevania and Mega Man). I can't wait to dig my heels into this! Just sad it's only 1 submission per person. :/ Will be my first time trying to work with a midi, and so far, it's terrible, aggrivating, and difficult. xD But, Imma try. Anything for Metroid, bay-beh!
  18. Man, two things I absolutely love to always have a sit down and listen to: FF music and orchestral renditions of video game songs, and this one does both! As soon as I heard the opening bars leading into the FF Prelude / Opening Theme, I got that spine-tingling feeling again as I did when I was a kid sat down playing SNES FF IV (the first of the series I played) on my own, stereo up high on the TV. Unfortunately, busyness pulled me away from hearing the rest, but tonight I am going to take a sit down to read the text thoroughly and listen to the whole thing! You've got another subscr
  19. O.o Hm... That's weird. Is it normal to have so many page views but no comments? ^^; Hope the link / song is working.
  20. This isn't the first remix from a game I've completed, however it is one I am more confident with: https://www.bandlab.com/vodouqueenxiii/groove-of-the-ancients-jazz-funk-dance-mix I decided I might as well throw myself into the deep-end (hope I'm doing it right), but yeah. Any advice, pointers, or criticisms (good or bad) would be great. Hoping to get something into submission at some point... I realize Cakewalk / BandLab is not on the usual list of DAWs to work with, by the way, but it's all I have to work with at the moment. I am extremely new to composing, arranging, mi
  21. Hello everyone! (Wow, I'm extremely nervous ...and shy, haha!) To make things simple outside my username / artist moniker, just call me Angel. I've lurked around the OCRemix sphere for, jeez...years, I'd figure. Had my first taste way back around mid-2006 or so, from an old ex-friend who was heavily into it. I don't know if some of the OGs are still around, but I definitely remember two of my firsts I've heard from here was "Ace of Space" by Beatdrop and "The Scarlet Halls of Night" by The Wingless (I'm a big Guardian Legend nerd)--been hooked ever since! Been raised on games since a
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