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  1. Guys, those all sounded great! Sorry for missing the vote! Congrats @TheVideoGamer!
  2. Sad I didn’t get mine done in time, but I’ll still do my source later and share it with you all when I complete! I look forward to listening and voting!
  3. Thanks all, and great work to all! I have a pretty fun source in mind, stay tuned, and I look forward to hearing everyone’s entries on the current ‘challenge’!
  4. I highly recommend buying the remastered collection on PS4/5! It includes both Final Fantasy X and X-2. Final Fantasy X was the second FF game I played growing up (the first being FVIII), so I always get a good nostalgia high playing it. Also, the entire soundtrack is amazing. Uematsu is a legend!
  5. I saw some past PRCs that had two sources which is what gave me the idea, but it turns out those were a result of a tie! I thought these two could go well together which is why I submitted both. Of course, as mentioned by @Bundeslang, that’s not a requirement, but I’d highly recommend it!
  6. Just got a puppy (we are now a three dog household) and am installing a laminate floor in the studio so I haven’t had a chance to get started on this one, however I do plan to get something in by the deadline!
  7. That makes a lot of sense, thanks for the clarification!!
  8. I’m honored! Thanks for all the feedback and kind words. This was a lot of fun and I enjoyed listening to everyone’s entries! I look forward to picking out a great source, it will be a tough choice but I have a few good ones in mind! —————- Studio Nimbus http://www.studionimbus.org/
  9. FYI the compo page is still allowing entries and submission edits. Only the voting field is supposed to display at the bottom now, right?
  10. LOL...I am planning out a video of FFTA gameplay to go along with my entry for my YouTube channel, and just now realized that I transcribed the original FFT victory theme rather than FFTA's. However, I think it was a good mistake-it's much more musically interesting than Advance's 9 second jingle (which is, of course, very nice and appropriate in its own right)!
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